5 Simple Ways To Restyle Your Bathroom

April 5, 2018
Ways to restyle your bathroom

This is a collaborative post with Harrogate Bathrooms

When me moved into our house almost 6 years ago, one of the first rooms we said we would tackle was the bathroom. It was outdated, in fact it was the original bathroom from when the house was built. And guess what? A wedding, honeymoon and 2 babies later that bathroom still looks exactly the same, if not worse than when we moved in! We have finished extending our family now. The next thing to tackle is the house starting with the bathroom. We are planning to save as much as we can this year to finally get the house looking how we want it too. I would love to do a complete makeover of our bathroom, I often find myself getting lost for hours on Pinterest or bathroom design sites such as Harrogate Bathrooms. I love their Burlington suite, having a roll top bath with Victorian style fittings is my absolute dream! If you are planning a bathroom renovation but don’t quite have the budget yet like us, there are simple ways to restyle your bathroom to give it a fresh new look.

5 Simple Ways To Restyle Your Bathroom

Get painting

Painting is one of the easiest ways to update a room. Freshening up the paintwork in your bathroom will instantly make it feel like new again. Or even better, why not choose a new colour scheme.


Updating the way a room looks with accessories is my favourite thing to do. I am always altering the colour scheme of a room by changing the soft furnishings or the ornaments. You can easily update your current bathroom to give it a fresh new look by changing the colour of your towels or buying new bathroom accessories and ornaments.


Retiling your bathroom can have a massive impact on the way it looks. We desperately need to put new tiles in our bathroom. When we moved in I painted over the original ones which is great as a short term solution but now the paint has started to peel it’s time to choose some new ones. I’m torn between brick style ones or big spa like tiles.

Update your fixture and fittings

If your bathroom suite is in good condition but you still want to restyle it why not update the fixture and fittings? Changing the taps, light fittings or adding a new shower can totally change the look of the room.

Install a wet room

Ok so technically this doesn’t come under simple ways to restyle your bathroom as it’s a pretty big change. Installing a wet room however is definitely something we have considered when thinking about modernising our bathroom. Harrogate Bathrooms offers dreamy bathroom design and renovation services too. You will find plenty of information on installation wet room on their website aswell a lots of bathroom inspiration.


If you have any tips on renovating and restyling a bathroom I’d love to hear them.


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