Is Working From Home Working For Me?

April 2, 2018

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Recently I took the plunge to take blogging to a more professional level and earn a part time wage from it. I am officially a work from home mum which is just amazing however it does have it’s disadvantages. The last few weeks have left me wondering if working from home is working for me.

There are a lot of distractions that come along with working from home. I find it all to easy to sit on the sofa procrastinating rather than actually working. Ava now goes to nursery a couple mornings a week and I expected to get loads of blog work done whilst she is there. Instead I find my tackling household tasks and before I know it it’s time to pick her up.

Finding a solution to my working from home problem

Whilst browsing the internet I came across Signature Works, who provide co-working office spaces. This really got me thinking about renting an office space to work from. I would then be able to dedicate my time there to working and no longer have to spend my evenings tapping away on my computer. My work/life balance is definitely off kilter at the minute so this could be the perfect solution.

I also came across their virtual offices in Liverpool which I think is such a great idea! I often worry that giving out my home address doesn’t look very professional when I am dealing with big brands. There is also of course the worry of security that comes with handing out your home address to multiple people. A virtual office would be the perfect solution for this problem. They provide a business address with a postal service plus there is often the opportunity of a landline number which can be diverted to your mobile.

This has really given me some food for thought as to whether working from home is right for me. How do you cope with working from home? Do you rent an office space?

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