What To Buy For A Teenage Boys Birthday

March 16, 2018
What to buy for a teenage boys birthday

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Teenage boys are so hard to buy presents for, well mine is anyway. If there is something he wants he generally buys it himself with pocket money so there’s nothing left for me to buy him. He has also hit the age where he seems to think all clothes must be designer, I can’t really say anything though, I know I was just the same. Jack will be 14 in a couple of months so I have been scouring the internet for things he may like. Here’s a few ideas if you are struggling on what to buy for a teenage boys birthday.

What To Buy For A Teenage Boys Birthday

Gift card/ ITunes voucher

You can’t go wrong with a voucher of some sort can you? I know Jack loves having that bit of independence to go into a shop and choose something him self. I find JD Sports, GAME and ITunes vouchers always go down well.

Designer clothes

This last year Jack and pretty everyone in his school it seems has become obsessed with designer clothes. I remember being the same at his age. I don’t spoil him and usually he spends his birthday money on clothes. I do like to buy him one item though. I have been looking on OD’s Designer Clothing and came across this Hugo Boss mens T-shirt which I know he will love.

Xbox/Playstation game

Is there a teenage boy that isn’t permanently attached to their games console? Buying the latest game is a sure-fire way to earn some brownie points with a teenager.

American candy

American candy is a great little present that teenagers will love. Thankfully most supermarkets now have an american section so it’s not hard to pick up either.


A really thoughtful gift for a teenager is buying them tickets. Tickets to see their favourite football team, band or go to their favourite theme park would go down well. If that is a little out of your budget cinema tickets would be great too. For Jacks last birthday I paid for him and his friend to go to a trampoline park which they loved.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for what to buy for a teenage boys birthday

Amy x

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