10 Ways To Save Money As A Family

March 14, 2018
save money as a family

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There’s no doubt about it, having children is hella expensive. According to the latest research the average child costs around £218,000 to raise. Yep that’s a lot! There are ways however to save money as a family. There’s no need to miss out on all the fun as long as you are a bit savvy and don’t waste money unnecessarily. Here are my top 10 ways to save.

10 Ways To Save Money As A Family

Write down your spending

This might seem like a bit of a boring task but it’s important to write down your finances so you know exactly how much cash you have spare each month. I like to track my spending so as I can see exactly where I am wasting money, I just use a notebook for this but I’m sure you could use an app. Once I can see in front of me where my money is going I can work out areas that I need to cut back on.

Take a packed lunch

One of the biggest unnecessary costs on days out is food and drink. It’s easy to spend an extra £50 on top of your entrance fee just buying lunch and drinks. Always remember to take a little picnic with you, that way you don’t need to spend any extra money.

Make a meal plan

I have talked about the benefits of writing a meal plan and how it will help you save money as a family here. All those little trips to the shops to pick up bits you forgot all add up. You would be surprised just how much money you waste on little top up shops.

Check out charity shops, car boots and local Facebook pages

I know buying second hand isn’t for everyone but there are some absolute bargains to be had and you can often stumble upon brand new items. I normally look out for toys and books for the girls as these are normally a fraction of the price and in perfect condition.

Use freebie sites

This is a relatively new one to me, I’m amazed at how many big name brands are included on them. Freebie websites are a great place to find flash bargains, freebies, enter giveaways and apply to be product testers. Places like this can really save you a lot of money or allow you to try out products you want for free. On Deals Daddy they have voucher codes for clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, furniture, pet supplies etc.

Buy a annual pass

If you go on days out often consider buying an annual pass. We are currently national trust members, there is a beautiful national trust property near by us which we visit regularly. Having an annual pass really helps us save money as a family. We have renewed our pass again for this year and we are considering buying passes for our local zoo as it’s one of Ava’s favourite days out.

Look for term time offers

A lot of places have special offers on during term time. If you have younger children this can be a great way to save money on days out. Plus places will be much quieter than at weekends.

Enjoy free days out

Days out don’t always need to be to fancy places. Kids will have just as much fun running around a park or going to feed the ducks. Take a picnic and a ball and make a day of it. Running around in the fresh air will do you all the world of good and hopefully it will wear your little ones out!

Have a fakeaway not a takeaway

Now I’m not saying completely give up takeaways and eating out but cutting back will save you a lot of money. Instead get all the family involved in creating a fakeaway. There are some great fakeaway recipes online so as you can recreate your favourite food at home for a fraction of the cost. We like to do at home movie nights too as cinemas seem to be expensive these days.

Meat free mondays

I’m no vegetarian but I do limit how often we eat meat for dinner. Not for any reason other than the fact that meat is expensive! Try to have at least one meat free meal a week, my favourite is this Spicy Halloumi With Tomato and Coriander Salad recipe.

Do you have any good money saving tips?

Amy x


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