Road Trip Bucket List: A Family Floridian Adventure

March 7, 2018

When you’re a fan of road trips, your limitations in terms of travel are relatively few and far between. After all, all you need is a vehicle, the open road, and a destination in mind. Road trips offer a unique travel experience, which is why it’s easy to spend hours poring over maps and daydreaming about your adventures in the future.

As wonderful as road trips can be, there’s no doubt they also present their challenges; the most irritating of which is planning a route— so this post will take some of the stress out of route-planning for you. The chosen route is along the eastern coast of one of the most-visited US states by UK tourists: Florida. If you’ve a craving for sunshine and the open road, then this coastal trip is definitely one you’re going to want to add to your bucket list…

Your Starting Point: Orlando

When planning a road trip that is going to require a flight, it’s important that the first location have an international airport. Thanks to the presence of Disney World, Orlando International Airport is well served by thousands of carriers, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a flight.
As a parent, you’re likely going to want to visit Disney World itself— your children will probably insist on it! This gives your trip an exciting, family-friendly start that will get everyone in the mood for the excitement to come.

Next Stop: Daytona Beach

If you’re going to visit Florida, then Daytona Beach is a must. This beautiful resort city offers miles of sandy beaches, and its boardwalk is particularly well thought-of. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of accommodation in such a tourist-friendly town, so there’s plenty of places to stay that are perfect for a young family.

Next Stop: St. Augustine

Your next stop is the beautiful city of St Augustine, though you’ll also want to use the area as a base for day trips. The amazing Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area is nearby, which makes for a wonderful day out with the kids, observing the wildlife and enjoying the hiking trails. St Augustine itself is a pretty city, full of plentiful accommodation and sightseeing opportunities in and of itself.

Next Stop: Jacksonville

After a quick cruise up the I-95 N, you’ll be in Jacksonville, one of Florida’s best-known cities. Here you can enjoy the thriving city experience, as well as use the city as a base for day trips to Jacksonville Beach or the nearby Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. As a popular tourist city, the city has plenty of accommodation, with options such as the Jacksonville Marriott ensuring you will be well provided for.
Fly Home From: Jacksonville International Airport
You can fly directly from Jacksonville International Airport back to the UK.

In conclusion

This route has been specifically designed for family-friendly distances, so you don’t have to worry about long days spent cooped up in the car. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired, and a Floridian coastal adventure road trip may figure in your future plans!


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