Review: Ollie The Owl Light And Sound Sleep Aid

March 5, 2018

I’ve always been a big fan of white noise to help babies get to sleep. Ava had a certain shifty looking sheep when she was a newborn, he served us well and she still takes him to bed every night. The sheep was the only sleep aid available when Ava was born, there are a few others on the market now though, one being Ollie The Owl from  The Gro Company. I have always been a big fan of the Gro Company and use their sleeping bags currently for Poppy. As Ollie is made by a company that I love and trust we decided to test him out. I love the fact that he has a cry sensor on him to easily settle Poppy off back to sleep if she starts stirring rather than us having to go and turn him back on. It also helps that he is super cute and snuggly soft too!

Key Features Of Ollie The Owl

  • Cry sensor
  • Light with 3 levels of brightness, the light automatically turns off after 30 minutes
  • 4 different sounds – lullaby, white noise static, heartbeat and rainfall. All play for 20 minutes.
  • 3 volume levels easily altered by clicking his foot.
  • Velcro loop to attach him to the cot, car seat, stroller etc.

We love Ollie! Poppy is so good at self settling with the help of Ollie The Owl. At nap times and bedtime we simply pop Poppy into her bed, turn on the light (at bedtime) and the heartbeat sound and leave Ollie to work his magic. Poppy is usually asleep 5 minutes after we put her in bed, you can read our bedtime routine here. The heartbeat sound is our current favourite, I personally find it very soothing. We use it on the medium noise level which is just perfect. Ollie is a really good size and so soft, I often find Ava walking around cuddling him. I also really like the fact that Ollie is in fairly neutral colours too, personally I’m not a fan of bright colours so Ollie is perfect for us. We are going on holiday soon and Ollie The Owl will certainly be coming with us to help settle Poppy in an unfamiliar room.

Amy x


12 responses to “Review: Ollie The Owl Light And Sound Sleep Aid”

  1. What a cool night light – I love owls! I wish I had have got something like this when mine were babies. Sarah

  2. Aw what a cute owl! I love our My Hummy white noise toy, we’ve got two of them and they have worked wonders for us!

  3. This is so sweet! I had a Ewan for Lily but this little owl is definitely cuter! x

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh this would have been perfect for my boy when he was younger! Definitely will be getting this for when we have another baby. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love our Ollie the Owl! My son hated his car seat and would often cry in the car, and I found it really reassuring to take Ollie with us, so that I could feel something was happening to try and comfort him while I was driving. Thankfully he’s a bit better about the car now and Ollie stays in his room! I love how soft he is, and the music quality is really good too compared to others I’ve tried.

  6. bavariansojourn says:

    We had a slumber bear, but this is soooo much cuter! Really sweet! 🙂

  7. OddHogg says:

    This looks amazing! We have baby number 2 on the way and I’m keen to try some form of sleep aid with him. We used something similar with our first son but without the cry sensor – that part is what makes all the difference I bet

  8. This is super cute, I want an Ollie the Owl. Even the name is cute! This looks like a perfect comforter for a baby and he looks so soft!

  9. This is just the cutest thing! Love the fact that it has lighting too. And a cry sensor?! Wow! They’ve thought of everything!

  10. Ollie the Owl is so cute, I love how calm he looks. It’s amazing how Poppy settles so well with his light and sound. I wish I had an Ollie the Owl when mine were babies!

  11. Laura Dove says:

    Oh I LOVE this!! I’ve never seen one before but my eldest daughter had an owl themed nursery and this would have been perfect! It sounds amazing!

  12. Luna says:

    Hes so cute, really like colour scheme as some bedtime buddies can be such garish colours. He even looks calming, might get one for myself in my bed as I could do with some calm in the bedroom.

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