5 things to consider when booking a last minute holiday

February 28, 2018
last minute holiday

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“Oh the weather outside is frightful, so lets book a holiday somewhere delightful” There’s nothing quite like a snowstorm in what should be spring to get you needing a sunny holiday, and fast. From the comfort of my blanket covered sofa I may have stumbled onto HolidayGems.co.uk in search of a last minute holiday. We are quite frankly sick of the cold now and I’m longing to feel the warm sun on my back, and it would be nice for my children to play outdoors without the fear of frost bite! I am an impulsive holiday booker, once I get the idea into my head that’s it. You will often hear me mutter the words ‘f*** it, let’s go’. Last minute holidays might not be for everyone but if you are looking for a cheap holiday (who isn’t?) it’s definitely worth taking a look.

 5 things to consider when booking a last minute holiday.


Have a rough Idea of where you want to go

It’s always best to have a rough idea of a few places that you would like to go. That way you can browse last minute holidays in your chosen destinations and decide which one is right for you. Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean you have to panic book the first holiday you find.

Browse the internet

There are lots of holiday comparison and last minute holiday sites on the web. Holidaygems.co.uk will help you find the best last minute deals whether you’ve left it late to find a cheap holiday or you want a holiday departing the very next day.

Know what type of holiday you want

If you are the adventurous type that spends the majority of your holiday off out exploring then look at a lower starred hotel, if you are only using the hotel room as a base then this may be a much cheaper option for you.

Be flexible on flight times

Arriving at your destination in the early hours of the morning can be a slight inconvenience but by booking a nighttime flight you can often slash the cost of your holiday.

Check your passport is in date and you have adequate travel insurance and up to date jabs.

There’s nothing worse than finding your perfect last minute holiday deal only to realise your passport ran out last month. I very nearly booked us a holiday at the end of last year only to remember our toddler doesn’t even have a passport!

Are you a planner or a spontaneous holidaymaker? I like to plan but normally always leave actual booking to the last minute.

Amy x

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