5 Ways To Deal With Post Partum Hair Loss

February 26, 2018

faux locs crochet hair.*This is a sponsored post* Post partum hair loss is one of those new mum things that no one ever really tells you about but the truth is it happens to us all. It is caused by a drop in oestrogen levels after birth, don’t worry though, it’s just a phase. During pregnancy increased levels of oestrogen ‘freezes’ hair in the growing, meaning hair that would naturally fall out doesn’t, resulting in your hair feeling much thicker. Post partum hair loss may seem like a lot but it is actually just the hair that wasn’t lost during Pregnancy. I’m almost 3 months post partum and my hair has just started to noticeably fall out when I wash or brush it. When it happened with my first baby I thought I was going to go bald but hair grows back pretty quickly. There are many ways to deal with post partum hair loss to make it less noticeable. Here are my top 5:

5 ways to deal with post partum hair loss

Look after your hair

Now is the time to invest some love and care into hair. Keeping your hair well conditioned and free from damage will really help your hair look fuller and healthier. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and don’t forget to protect it when drying your hair and styling it.

Get a hair cut

This is something I desperately need to do! My post partum hair has no shape or style to it and generally looks a bit scruffy. I have naturally thin straight hair, I find getting my hair cut shorter gives it some much volume and bounce.

Restyle your hair

A simple change of where you part your hair can help disguise any post partum hair loss and regrowth.

Fake it

Whilst your waiting for your hair growth to kick back in why not fake it? Hair extensions can give you a much needed confidence boost. Divatress have a wide range of hair extensions to suit all hair types from Remy hair extensions to faux locs crochet hair.

Wear hair accessories

Post partum hair regrowth can leave you looking a bit mad professor. Use hairbands and clips to hold down any flyaways. Hairbands and bandanas would also work well covering and patches where your hair has noticeably thinned.

Amy x

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