Ava Turns 2 – Update, Party And Presents

February 26, 2018

Ava Turns 2

Earlier this month my tiny little baby turned 2 years old! She’s still tiny (she only weighs 22lb) but she’s definitely not a baby anymore. She has the attitude of a hormonal teenager most days. Inbetween being an emotional wreck she is the happiest little thing though. She laughs at pretty much anything and is always trying to make us laugh. Her speech is amazing, a little too amazing, she’s like a bloody parrot so I’ve really had to curb my potty mouth! Ava is yet to get her big teeth at the back, I feel like she is constantly teething. I can’t narrow down her favourite things because she loves everything. I can however tell you that her biggest dislikes are having her hair washed and being told what to do. That’s nothing new though, she’s always done what she wants, my little wild child.

What Ava Got For Her Birthday

As Ava’s birthday is so close to Christmas she didn’t have too many present’s. Infact the majority of her presents I actually bought before Christmas. I always buy Ava’s presents in the sales before Christmas and then split them so she has half Christmas and half for her birthday. Ava’s main present for her birthday was a wooden kitchen from Aldi, to go with this I also picked up some of their wooden play food sets. I got her a trolley and play food from Sainsburys which she is loving pushing around. She had some Peppa Pig playsets, Ava loves playing with little figures, and I got her a few books as she loves reading. We were kindly sent some Frozen Itty Bitty’s from Hallmark, these are probably Ava’s favourite present. She takes them to bed with her every night. Thankfully they are the perfect size for taking to bed as they don’t take up too much room and they are super soft, and did I mention they are ridiculously cute!

Ava’s Birthday Party

I hadn’t planned on having a party for Ava. Mainly because I didn’t want to give myself to much to do after having Poppy just before Christmas. We were having cake at our local Wyvale garden centre and noticed that they did parties, you got an hour in the soft play followed by hot food and cupcake decorating. After much deliberating I finally booked it in January. I know, nothing like leaving it until the last minute! Ava had a brilliant time and loved every minute of her party. Ava’s cake is from Tesco and her personalised vest and cake topper is from https://www.handmadebyruthlovedbyjacob.co.uk

Flip Out

Ava’s actually birthday was on the Monday. Andy had booked the day off work so we could take her somewhere for the day. For Ava’s first birthday we went to Twycross Zoo and it was freezing so we wanted to find somewhere indoors this time. We decided to go to Flip Out trampoline park in Stone. In term time you only pay £5 per child (adults jump for free) and you get access to the whole place from 10-4, I think that is such good value. You do have to buy socks but you get to keep them to use again. Ava had an amazing time, she loved jumping and running around. We are definitely going to go again, it’s the perfect rainy day, day out and a great way to tire little ones out.

ava turns 2

It’s been a couple of weeks since Ava turned 2. Already she seems so much older. I can’t wait to see the little girl she will become over the next year.

Amy x

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  1. Ahhh she sounds like Bear! He’s 2 in May and still so dinky! No idea what he weighs but he still fits in 9-12 month clothes (just!) he’s also it such a happy personality but can throw a tantrum too! Xx

  2. countryheartdeb says:

    Aww she looks like she had a blast and im loving her little kitchen! That unicorn top is too cute too!

  3. I want a top like Avas! Also, how amazing does that trampoline park look! £5 is bloody good! x

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