Poppy’s Two Month Update

February 22, 2018

How am I writing Poppy’s two month update already? (2 Weeks late may I add, one day I will do these things on time) I seem to have blinked and my little popster has turned 2 months old. Poppy has already changed so much in the last month and she no longer looks like a newborn. Her little personality has really started to come out the last couple of weeks and she has the cheekiest grin. Poppy absolutely loves her big sister and brother, her face beams whenever she sees them. Another thing that’s becoming even more apparent is just how much Poppy looks like Ava, they literally look like the same baby. When I look at Poppy I just see Poppy I don’t see Ava but when I compare photos they are practically identical, it’s crazy!


Poppy’s two month update


I spoke last month about how Poppy was very unpredictable with her feeding and I’m pleased to report…. sod all, nothing has changed, she still changes her mind everyday and I feel like we waste so much milk. At some feeds she will take 6oz straight away, other times she will only take 2. It’s so hard to predict when she will want feeding and how much. I’m hoping as she gets older she settles in to some kind of routine. She is gaining weight nicely so I’m not worried about her slightly erratic feeding habits, Pops now weighs 10lb 14oz. Check out those chubby cheeks and that chin!

Two month update


We were sooo close to Poppy sleeping through the night, she did 2 nights of sleeping 7-5 and I thought we had cracked it. Obviously though she was just lulling us into a false sense of security as since then she has been waking up even earlier than usual. It’s just a phase right…growth spurt…leap??? Who knows.

Likes, dislikes and skills

This month Poppy’s personality and little character has really started to come out. She’s such a smiley alert little baby and loves lying on her play mat gurgling away. I think we have a thumb sucker on our hands, Poppy is constantly munching her hand, Ava used to do the same. When she’s not chomping her hand she’s staring at it in amazement, aren’t babies funny when they suddenly discover they have hands. She is getting so active now too, her little arms and legs go like crazy, I love this stage when they are discovering what their bodies can do.

I’m so excited to see how she develops over the coming month, especially now she’s awake more in the day.

Amy x

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