Getting Valentine’s Day Ready

February 13, 2018

I may be a wife and mum now but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to make a bit of an effort when it comes to Valentine’s Day. We don’t go out for Valentine’s Day but we do have a special meal at home once the kids are in bed. Excuses to put on nice make up are few and far between these days so I like take full advantage of any occasion to have a bit of a pamper and wear something that isn’t covered in baby sick, I’ll be back in my pjs as soon as we have finished our meal mind.

The night before

I like to have a good pamper night the night before with a hot bubbly bath, bath bomb and a 7th heaven face mask. 7th heaven do an amazing pamper gift set that contains lots of different face masks as well as ones for your hair,nails and feet. I’ve been using 7th heaven facemasks for years now, they are my go to facemasks when I want to pamper myself.

I’m planning to put some of fake tan on to give me a bit of colour, seriously Casper the ghost has nothing on me. My favourite tan is St moriz. I have been using it for years now, I’m pretty useless when it comes to applying tan but I find this one easy to use and it gives me a nice even tan. I’m looking forward to testing the exfoliating skin primer for the first time too.

Valentine’s Day

Make up

You’ve got to have a red lip on Valentines day haven’t you, this matte lip colour from sleek is the perfect vibrant red. I will keep my eye make up quite simple because lets face it, what parent wants to be scrubbing a load of eyeliner off when you just want to crawl into bed. I’m also loving the cream to powder blush by sleek for adding a cute pop of colour.


I’ve got no intention of getting dressed up as such but I do like to wear something red or love themed. My new next t shirt will be perfect.


Lets face it, the best thing about Valentine’s Day is getting to eat nice food and maybe a cheeky midweek prosecco. I’m planning on cooking us a balsamic onion and goats cheese tart, mmm yummy!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Amy x

*this post contains gifted items, all views however are my own.

15 responses to “Getting Valentine’s Day Ready”

  1. Daisy Hartley says:

    Hope you made use of that beautiful looking underwear 😉

  2. Rachel Davies says:

    I personally LOVE Agent Provocateur underwear but its sooo expensive that I only own a handful of pieces that come out on ‘very’ special occasions. So I signed up to be a community member at LoveHoney and I believe that might be one of their pieces in your pic (ive reviewed A LOT).

    I now anonymously review for them (much to my partners & my own benefit) and get sent stuff all the time. Each time you submit a review on there you get entered into a draw to win £100 to spend automatically too. I know its not a usual topic to talk about on a mum blog but we all like to feel appreciated & feel sexy and free stuff is always good and benefits both us and our partners.

    For anyone interested the links and instructions are here:

    PS I dont receive anything for ‘promoting’ them, just spreading this to fellow bloggers and mums who might want to jazz up their underwear collections. As we can all be guilty of letting the underwear draw fill with big comfortable sets after becoming mums and not have much time or money to spend on treats like this. Hope you all have a great day x

  3. Chloe Price says:

    I do reviews for multiple sites too and great to be able to try different styles and pieces that you wouldnt normally buy or have your partner buy for you. Though no-one picks better lingerie than yourself as you know what you look good in whereas your partner has to buy you what they want you to wear. Nothing more empowering than having your own set thats a total surprise for your partner and seeing their face when you wear it. As women and mothers its the one area where we can be totally in control and I think more people should be owning it and taking back that control.

  4. Great article as sometimes as site owners, bloggers & mothers people can spend all of their time working and not get any relaxation/pamper time. Those of you that are parents have to juggle children & work when you have the time (after children have gone to bed). This can mean that relationships can suffer as they simply don’t feel like the main priority and they can be taken for granted when everything else takes presidence.

    Can find it hard to find the time or energy to fit in being girlfriends/wives etc on top of all of our other responsibilities. We always recommend regular date nights, even if they are nothing more than a bottle of wine at home with a DVD under the duvet on the sofa when kids are in bed.

    Even the most intricate lingerie can fit underneath our “around the house clothes”. We recommend wearing something slinky underneath your day to day clothes and can go from heartwarming mother to heart stopping bombshell in seconds. Why waste time we don’t have?

    We saw some good articles from a fellow Mum blogger from North Yorkshire called Becky Connolly of Beckys Boudoir & she began blogging about her son & health/mental issues and is now also a Lingerie Blogger. Everyone can be sexy & doesn’t take much time at all! We all need time to relax and wind down at the end of a busy day.

  5. Shelly M says:

    Pamper and date nights are a must, nothing better than watching a film with some snacks & bottle of wine snuggled up under a duvet after having (or sharing ;)) a nice bath/shower when kids are in bed. Me and my other half regularly try to do this though we do normally fall asleep in front of the TV (work long hours) but there are ways to keep each other awake…

  6. Josie Alpert says:

    As parents, falling asleep in front of the TV together after a bottle of the ‘kids are in bed’ wine
    is a normal night isnt it? I wouldnt feel bad about that, however I did fall asleep ON my hubby,
    we had both ‘finished’ and must have dozed off. I woke a couple of hours later and must not have realized I had fallen asleep and carried on ‘moving’. My husband must have woke up and thought the same and we carried on where we left off. Wasnt until 3 weeks later that it came up in conversation and we both admitted to falling asleep and not realizing it was actually round 2…

  7. Isabella C says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi from Hallandale Beach, Florida. You have a beautiful family and are truly blessed, after reading some of the comments I would be interested to hear more about where you find the time to fit in being a wife with being a mother of 3. Im a mother of 5 and barely have time to see my husband as he works quite a way from here and in between the kids and general life goings on we cant seem to find the time to do much together. I might take some tips from the people here and see what I can do to bring some spark back into proceedings. I went to bed at the same time as the kids on Valentines Day and dont think we even kissed goodnight as he was working late (dull I know). I know how important a marriage is and we need to support each other and be there for each other always and I know I need to make more of an effort so thanks for the good read and hope to read more like this. Have a blessed day!

  8. Haha had a little chuckle at the comment above about falling asleep doing the deed. Reminded me of a similar experience that might give some of you a laugh. It was after a particularly tiring day with my 3 year old hell raiser & not enough coffee.

    I thought I would make an extra effort at bed time (usually my husband does all the instigating) & I was getting “down” to it if you know what I mean. Wasn’t even a special occasion haha and totally going against the stereotype that married women stop doing that sort of thing as soon as the vows are read.

    I made myself comfy under the covers & thought I was doing a really good job & was enjoying myself too. Only I got a little too comfy and started to fall asleep, I kept nodding off…but persevered none the less. Only at the end when the moment came (pun intended) I didn’t realise I had fallen asleep again momentarily & jerked myself awake right at the crucial time. Although it took me by surprise I managed to style it out and to this day my husband as no idea I fell asleep & still tells me that was the best he had ever had. In a marriage you have to laugh these moments off & just have fun & treat each other from time to time. Laugh often and live every moment and take nothing for granted.

    Personally I have a lot of time for Tracey Cox, she gives great advice for married couples and families to keep all parties in the relationship happy. I get a lot of ideas from her blogs/Twitter & her site and always great to hear a woman’s side of things. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve linked her website as I think all married couples need that extra advice & tips sometimes. Don’t just wait for a special occasion to crack out that nice underwear or your best moves, surprise them frequently & you will be forever happy. All the best to you and your wonderful family and thanks for the read and hope you all have a great life together X

  9. Rosie L says:

    Im normally in my PJs by dinner time so I can appreciate you waiting until after the meal at least to get back into them lol. For Valentines I did bring out my inner Nigella and spent evening in silk nightrobe while cooking a meal with wine in hand but kept a ‘special surprise’ for my partner underneath my robe. I might have to do this more often as my other half even got up early next day to make me breakfast in bed and this never happens!

  10. Bryci says:

    Howdy & really cool blog you have here, really cute kids. Though I have loved reading these stories in your comments & about y’all taking the power back & being confident young women & mothers! Though im not originally from your side of the pond I too think Tracey Cox writes some great articles on her blog.

    I used Valentines Day for some minor manipulation and have managed to convince my husband to let me turn our eldest sons bedroom into a walk in closet now he’s moved out. For ages he wanted to turn it into a man cave for him & his buddies but managed to use my feminine charm (and skills) to convince him to drop that idea.

    Amazing what a man will agree to while your dressed looking like a million dollars (or dressed down works better) & you are “getting down to business” to make you continue. Though he did add a condition that I have to use one rail in there for underwear of his choosing but I’m cool with that compromise. If he’s happy to buy it then I’m happy to wear it, why waste it sitting in a box collecting dust somewhere when I can use it when I want something in future? 😉

  11. Michelle K says:

    Great little blog you have here & been enjoying reading through your posts (I like how blunt you are) & I have to admit I have been enjoying reading these comments.

    Valentines Day is always seen as THE day in a relationship to put down a marker & make a statement besides an anniversary. Some only show their appreciation on these days as sad as that can be & only because society tells them too.

    The key I have found is that you shouldn’t leave these moments or treats for just one day. Spontaneous actions are the best and always keep things interesting & your other half on their toes. If you don’t make the most of a partner then someone else will (thanks Jenny from accounting for relieving me of my now ex husband).

    I have made mistakes in the past & taken things for granted but now I make sure I put my all into everything I do & my new partner reciprocates this & I’m happier than ever.

    Everyone always go on about how things were at the start of a relationship and how intense and exciting things were & how they did more things when they were younger. Why should things change as you get older? If anything you should feel more confident and more secure in yourself when you are in a committed relationship with a trusting partner. Dont change because you think “I can’t do that at my age” as that’s utter nonsense.

    Keep things fresh, try new things and don’t let self conscious thoughts prevent you from making the most of what you have. Treat yourself & your partner & never waste a moment. i look forward to reading your future posts & wish every happiness to you & your lovely family.

  12. Hayley says:

    I love that top and that was a great food choice, goats cheese is amazing! I know so many people who refuse to even try it simply because its from a goat. These days people are so close minded, beige and set in their ways. I would always encourage people to try new things & step outside of their little comfort bubbles and open their minds to new experiences in everything in life. Probably why 50 Shades stuff has done so well over Valentines as its opened peoples minds a little.

    I got so set in my ways for a long time but since ive been more open minded in life it just seems to have gotten so much more fun and interesting. Life is too short to be so vanilla, I tried Oysters for the first time on Valentines Day and absolutely LOVED them. Though they are a little hard to find in my area I shall definitely be going for them again.

  13. Mia says:

    Nothing wrong with a mid week prosecco (or a couple) thats for sure & hope you had a great Valentines Day. Great to see all the ladies in the comments who are taking the initiative & making waves in keeping that relationship spark going. One of the hardest things in life is keeping things fresh and exciting when you are aiming to be together forever, forever is a looong time.

    Weirdly I found some inspiration in what many would consider a strange place when reading the words of Death from Terry Pratchetts Hogfather at bedtime. When he said ”Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom.”

    Boredom is the relationship killer that is so avoidable and it should never factor into a relationship when with only a handful of changes things can be revitalised so easily…

    Valentines Day is the one day that women who arent that confident in themselves actually let out their inner vixen. However its a shame that they only do this for 1 night and it shouldn’t be that way. We all have a bit of that inside and like someone said above, many of us were much different when younger and more confident in ourselves. We should bring back that side of our younger selves and embrace the confidence we had back then with our partners and show them just how exciting we can be. Not just the teens that have a wild side and we shouldnt hide it…

    Authors, Social media personalities and bloggers alike have such power in their words these days. There is a reason many are called influencers and with simple articles their words can change peoples lives without them even knowing. For example if even one person read this at the time and were inspired to make an effort on Valentines Day (Goats Cheese Tart is great) then you have had a positive influence on someones relationship and thats fantastic.

    Ive linked the article from PairedLife I read a couple of years ago after my initial inspiration from the Terry Pratchett novel that influenced me to be more confident and planted the seed for some things my partner might have wanted that I might not have been aware of (too shy to ask at the time). I kept it bookmarked to remind me of how far I had come since then…

  14. Kat says:

    I’m aware Valentines has long past but came across these comments and found them thought provoking. Thought I would add my 2 cents too…

    So long as you give 100% in your relationship for the entire year rather than just 1 particular day its good way to get pampered and treat your partner & yourself to something EXTRA special for fun.

    Was reading the comments here and its not usually about the spark going at all but that early relationship enthusiasm running low. To begin with you ‘show off’ in order to impress the other person and tend to purposely “oversell yourself” to seem more exciting than you perhaps are. You will do things that maybe you dont bother with once you have them in a committed relationship which is a real shame.

    If you were one of the people for example that acted like the perfect “Lady in the street but freak in the sheets” and THAT was the version of you that your partner fell for then don’t be surprised if they start to seem bored of the watered down PG 13 version they have had to settle for when you are in a long term relationship. I mean if a man appeared to be the real life version of Christian Grey at first but then soon as they got you they ended up being more David Gray wouldn’t you be entitled to be more than a little annoyed & frustrated?

    How many of you have entire wardrobes and drawers full of lingerie/underwear/toys you or your partners have bought and you have never even taken the tags off or them out of the packaging? Dust them off & get it on (literally!) let your hair down and dont take yourself so seriously…

    Happy Lovin People!

  15. Katie says:

    Great blog you have here, some very cute pics and some very inspiring articles that I have enjoyed reading. Christmas will soon be here and gone before we know it and Valentines Day will be back around the corner again.

    Just a quick underwear company recommendation (who also have a great blog) outside of the usual companies everyone buys from (Ann Summers/Agent Provocateur). I have been buying lingerie from a place called Bluebella and would recommend giving it a look should you want to buy something for ‘special occasion’ in future. They are very affordable and have some really cute pieces and styles on there you might like.

    Keep up the great content and all the best to you and your family for Christmas

    PS Links if you are interested

    Blog: – Amber Davies from Love Island featured in August and noticed you said in one post you were hooked on Love Island.

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