Creating the perfect bedroom for a teenager

February 9, 2018

So – you’re the proud owner of a newly turned teenager and you’re constantly getting in the ear that they are now so mature and so grown up. They’ve started secondary school and all of a sudden, they want to rid their walls of certificates and favourite drawings. They want a TV & and Xbox and they want the room to have a ‘different vibe about it.’

But there’s a little bit of them that’s still not quite grown up. Jack won’t let me throw away his figure collection and he has a drawer full of nostalgic items he doesn’t want to part with.

I need storage solutions

That’s where Bravo London can come in.

You see it’s all about storage. It’s about creating the illusion of grown-upness but still holding onto a tiny bit of their childhood. They want to express cool exterior but behind the sliding wardrobe doors, there’s the action figures – not going anywhere, not just yet.

Bravo London specialise in creating little hidey-holes so that everything has its place. But, knowing how fast your children change, all their storage solution can also change and grow as your child does. Often including adjustable shelves and spaces so that you can move things around as your child gets older.

Oh and when they leave home – the storage space can be changed again…. that’s if they’re ready to ditch the toys by then of course!

If you’re interested in some new fancy sliding doors or some storage solutions check them out!

Amy x


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