5 Exotic destinations on my travel bucket list

February 6, 2018

I don’t know about you but the start of every new year always gets me thinking about ticking destinations off my travel bucket list. Now we have had our final baby we can start planning some future holidays. A lot of holidays I have been on have been city based as I like to keep busy. That’s not to say I don’t have any exotic destinations on my travel bucket list. Here is 5 places I would love to visit and hopefully will at some point in the future:

5 Exotic destinations on my travel bucket list

The Maldives

exotic destinations

The Maldives is a funny one, it’s everything I hate in a travel destination. I’m scared of water for a start! But It’s somewhere I really want to go. It looks absolutely stunning and very relaxing. There’s a good chance the Maldives could be submerged in water in 30 years. It’s definitely a destination I want to tick off my bucket list before it’s too late.


I have been obsessed with visiting Hawaii ever since I was a little girl. My favourite program was Magnum P.I and all I wanted in life was to live in Hawaii, drive a Ferrari and own 2 Doberman’s called Apollo and Zeus, just like Magnum! I can’t believe I’ve just made that fact public….

Dominican republic

I will let you in on a little secret. 10 years ago I booked a holiday of a lifetime to the Dominican Republic and then promptly cancelled it thanks to my travel anxiety. I am much better at flying these days so hopefully I will get the chance to visit in the future.


Havana, Cuba is my kind of holiday. I would especially like to go to old Havana, the architecture and nods to days gone by really appeal to me. Plus I have this thing with vintage cars, I want to go to  Cuba just for them.


I blame Instagram for this one. I had never even considered going to Bali until a few people I follow put pictures up, I was instantly sold!

Are there any exotic destinations on your travel bucket list? For some more inspiration click here

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  1. Luna says:

    Not just me that really wanted to go to the Maldives but ive wimped out each time its been suggested. My partner has wanted to go for years but I have vetoed the idea when its been suggested because of my own silly fears. This year if its suggested im going to surprise him and say yes, I mean its so unfair for me to deny him a potentially wonderful experience because of my own selfish fears and insecurity. Just cant live with the thought that someone could miss out on something they really want simply because im too scared and think it would do me good to get a fear thats been holding me back out of the way.

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