7 Korean Skincare Hacks For Better Skin

February 4, 2018

Korean women are known, amongst other things, for their beautiful skin. From a young age, most Korean girls are encouraged to take their skin care regime very seriously, and it really pays off when they’re older, and they look much younger than their years. If you want to have skin that’s as beautiful as the average Korean lady’s, here’s a few Korean skincare hacks you might want to add to your skin care regime:

7 Korean Skincare Hacks For Better Skin

Massage in the Shower

Make use of the pore-opening steam in your shower by giving your face a massage while you’re in there. Cheaper than a salon treatment, if you massage your face in circular motions, using your fingers, and tap the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline gently, your skin will look tighter, or dewy and super hydrated.

Try a Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoal sheet masks are as common as soap in Korea, all of the women have them all of the time because they not only exfoliate the skin but draw out toxins from it too. Just place the sheet on your face and relax for 20 minutes. When you remove the sheet, you’ll look like a whole new woman!

Use Facial Essences

Many Korean ladies are crazy about facial essences which they typically apply on top of one layer of moisturiser before applying a second layer of moisturiser or serum, like the ones you can find at https://www.antiageingskincare.com.au/buy-nerium/, over that. They believe that it seals in moisture, feed the skin and improves elasticity, for younger, smoother looking skin.

Use Blurring Techniques

Of course, the Koreans use makeup to get that perfect, flawless skin look too, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow suit. One of the most effective techniques they have is known as blurring, and you can find out how to do it at https://www.bustle.com/articles/155856-what-is-skin-blurring-this-k-beauty-technique-is-catching-on-quick. It’ gives you a flawless full-coverage that isn’t too heavy or too dramatic. Perfect!

Wear a Face Mask in Bed

When you sleep, your skin cells go into recovery mode, so it makes perfect sense to help them out by applying an intensive facemask and leaving it on overnight, When you wake up, you’ll look more fresh-faced than you’ve ever looked in your whole life.

Apply a Lip Tint

Korean ladies know that if you enhance the natural colour of your lips, it will make your skin appear younger, which is why they never go out without applying a lip tint that is just a little flusher than their lips, Try it out – it really does work.

Swap Coffee for Barley Tea

Coffee is delicious, and it is actually quite good for us in moderation, but if you want to have skin that’s as radiant and youthful as a Korean woman’s then you need to switch to their beverage of choice – barley tea, Why? It is very high in antioxidants, and some studies have even shown that it boosts blood flow. These are both things that can improve the appearance of skin!

Add these simple Korean skincare hacks to your usual skin care regime and people will be asking you what your secret is in their droves!

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