Newborn Bedtime Routine – 7 weeks old

January 30, 2018

I am a big believer in establishing a newborn bedtime routine as early as possible. It’s what we did with Ava and I really think it helped her become a good sleeper. I’m aware that could be just a fluke and Poppy could be totally different but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that.

We started Poppy’s bedtime routine 2 weeks ago when she turned 5 weeks old. I actually held off starting it for longer than we did Ava but she was starting to get unsettled downstairs with us so I thought I would give it a try. The first night failed miserably but since then she has been going to bed at 7 when we put Ava to bed. We put Poppy in bed awake, she much prefers to self settle. I don’t give Poppy a dream feed. In fact I have never given any of my children a dream feed. They are all pretty deep sleepers so I don’t think it would work anyway. I am always interested in reading other peoples bedtime routines so I thought I would share ours.


Newborn bedtime routine


5.30 pm – We take both girls upstairs to get ready for the bath. Andy will run the bath whilst I get the girls undressed.

5.45 pm – Ava and Poppy go in the bath together. Poppy is a real water baby and Ava loves having her little sister in the bath. Andy bathes the girls whilst I go and get the pyjamas out, tidy their rooms and I put the lamps on to darken the room a little.

5.55 – I usually get Poppy out after around 5-10 minutes. She would stay longer but after that amount of time she starts getting a bit cold. Ava stays in the bath playing whilst I take Poppy to get ready for bed. Andy will get Ava out around 10 past 6 and go and get her ready for bed.

6.00 pm Before I put Poppy’s sleepsuit on I give her a little massage with Kokoso Natural Baby Coconut Oil . We have been using Kokoso since Ava was a baby. I love it and it makes her skin super soft and smells amazing.

6.15 pm – We all get into our bed to watch the bedtime hour on CBeebies. Ava has a cup of milk and Poppy will have her last bottle of the night.

7.00 pm – Andy takes Ava to bed. I put Poppy in her sleepingbag and then into her crib. I set the camera up next to her and put Ollie the Owl on. As I leave I turn off the lamp and close the door.

We have the Motorola mbp36s so we can keep a close eye on her whilst we are downstairs.

2.30 am (ish) – Poppy will wake for a feed anywhere between 1 and half 2. She normally poos at this feed to so we quickly change her, put her back into bed and turn Ollie back on.

6.00 am (ish) Poppy wakes again around half 5/6 for another feed. Once she’s done we put her back in bed and turn Ollie on again. She takes a little bit longer to settle after this feed but she will eventually go back off again for another hour if we are lucky.

Newborn bedtime routine

Ava started sleeping through from 10 weeks, here’s hoping Poppy follows suit! Did you have a newborn bedtime routine?

Amy x


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3 responses to “Newborn Bedtime Routine – 7 weeks old”

  1. Fingers crossed the routine works well for Poppy! <3 She's a wee beauty 🙂 xx

  2. Luna says:

    What did you do/Or what favours did you have to offer your partner to get involved in the night feeds!? LOL My partner doesnt even stir when our little one wakes in the night!

  3. Tilda says:

    Any chance I could borrow your husband for the bedtime routine help, I could pay him in kind/favours? Joking of course 😉 but seriously he sounds much more hands on than what im used to. My partner was useless and didnt lift a finger to help at any point…

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