Poppy’s Labour and Birth Story – Natural Waterbirth

January 4, 2018

I have been trying to write Poppy’s labour and birth story for ages now but juggling writing with looking after a newborn and a toddler hasn’t exactly gone to plan. But that’s a different post entirely.

Poppy’s Labour and birth story

My Labour with Poppy was eventful to say the least! My waters started leaking at 1.30am on the 12th December, 13 days past my due date. I expected labour to begin pretty quickly after that like Ava’s Labour however hours passed and nothing much was happening. I rang the midwife led unit after breakfast to let them know I would be coming in to get checked out. Once there however things didn’t exactly go as planned.

I knew I would need to be booked in for an induction at hospital 24hrs after my waters started leaking due to the infection risk. Obviously I was hoping things would progress naturally before then and I would be able to return to the midwife unit once labour kicked in.

The midwife checking me over confirmed my waters had started to go, I kept expecting the big gush like my previous labours but she thought they had gone high up and were only trickling. Unfortunately the midwife was worried about the position of Poppy, she was still high up and there was concern that if my waters did go properly, I would have a cord prolapse. I was advised to go to the hospital to be checked over by a doctor, if the doctor was happy I could return to the midwife led unit. So off we went, via McDonalds!

After what felt like hours being hooked up to monitors, the doctor confirmed her head was in the right place and gave me the all clear to go back to the midwife led unit. By this point my contractions had kicked in and I wasn’t sure I would last the drive there, however my entire pregnancy I had fought for midwife led so we decided to risk it. Rush hour traffic in the snow with horrific contractions probably wasn’t my finest idea.

We arrived back at the unit at 6pm, in a lot of pain but when they checked me I was only 2cm dilated! I could of cried, especially as time was ticking on getting baby out before I needed an induction. The next few hours were a painful blur, by this point I hadn’t slept for over 24hours and the only way I coped with the contractions was by pacing up and down, I was knackered. There isn’t much pain relief available at a midwife unit and I wasn’t far along enough to have gas and air. I refused painkillers as I didn’t want to risk slowing things down so I opted for a bath. The pain was unbearable but the running tap on me took my mind off the contractions slightly.

Thankfully when they came to check on me at half 9 they agreed I could have gas and air, the pain I was in now was crazy, much worse than with Ava.

I was examined again at 10 and was 4cm, however the midwife was concerned again because her head was still high and my time before induction was nearly up. There was talk of sending me back to hospital but thankfully her head was coming down with the contractions so yet again I was allowed to stay! If they had said no I think I would of refused, with Ava I went from 5cm to pushing in a matter of minutes and I knew as soon as I stood up the same was going to happen.

I very quickly made my way over to the birthing pool, the same one I had Ava in. I expected the urge to push to suddenly take over like last time but my contractions actually died off and I started falling to sleep inbetween them! I was so exhausted.

But then bam, I went from snoozing to baby coming out in one go! I was in so much shock I had to be told to pick her up, if happened so fast. Ava was fast but I had breaks in between pushing, with Poppy, the second the urge to push took over it didn’t stop, she pretty much shot out! No time for gas and air, unsurprisingly I had a 2nd degree tear (the same as my other labours)

And that was that, at 10.46pm weighing a dinky 6lb 11 little Poppy made her grand entrance into the world and completed our family.

Our little snow baby

Amy x

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  1. mummyandliss says:

    This is gorgeous!! Sounds eventful, I really hope I can have a water birth with baby number 2! Can’t believe how fast the time is flying by, Poppy is beautiful! xxx

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