It’s the most wonderful time of the year #littleloves

December 9, 2017

I am a bit late to the party but I have decided to start joining in with the #littleloves linky run by Morgana at CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat. I’m really enjoying writing these reflective kind of posts at the minute. They are a nice reminder to enjoy the little things in life.



This week we have been reading lots of Christmas themed books. I do Ava a book advent instead of a chocolate one, so every morning we have been reading a different Christmas book. Ava is loving all the books and it’s nice for us to read her something different because Ava as a tendency to ask for the same book every night.

I have been loving watching everyone’s vlogmas and festive videos on YouTube. I look forward to watching vlogmas each year and would love to take part myself. Maybe next year..

I have been making little videos each morning of Ava finding the Elf. It’s the first year we have done  Elf on the shelf and I wanted to capture her reaction to him each morning for her dad to watch when he got home from work. I love how excited Ava is about all the Christmas festivities this year.


I have bought Ava the cutest new winter boots. I really wanted to get her some little Uggs but I just couldn’t justify the price tag. I found these beauties in Next for £22, we are in love. We bought them just in time too, ready for the snow.

On Sunday we went to our local forestry commission, they had Christmas music blaring out, wooden huts sellling yummy food, real Christmas trees and of course the big man himself. We go every year, it’s so festive and lovely and Ava really enjoyed it this year.

Still no baby! Yep another week has passed and we are still waiting for this baby to make an appearance. We have an induction booked for Wednesday so the end is insight at least! You can read my full update here

Hope you all have a lovely week

Amy x



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  1. As I’m writing this you could be in hospital getting ready to have your baby, how exciting!! I’ll be keeping an eye out on twitter for any news as the week goes on xx

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