41 Week Pregnancy update – Where Is My Baby?

December 7, 2017

I can’t believe I’m writing a 41 Week Pregnancy update, I mean I thought I would go a little overdue because I did with Ava but I honestly didn’t think this little lady would keep us waiting even longer! I’m currently 41+1, officially the longest I have ever been pregnant for. I thought I would do a proper 41 week pregnancy update for you all on how I’m feeling and what happens next.

41 Week Pregnancy update

How am I feeling

This is a bit of a mixed one because physically in myself I feel fine, I’m not massively uncomfortable or in any kind of pain. I’m still sleeping ok and I’m mobile, although by the end of the day I do ache a bit which is to be expected. Mentally, the fact that I still don’t have a baby is making me a little sad. Because Ava was a week late I had prepared myself for the same thing to happen but now I’ve gone past how pregnant I was with her I can’t help but wake up every morning wondering ‘where the fuck is my baby?? I’m so impatient to start our life as a family of 5, and more importantly celebrate Christmas! Obviously she will be here before Christmas but I can’t help but feel I’m missing out on the run up to it because I am stuck at home waiting for this little one to get a move on.

Midwife Appointments

My midwife called round on Tuesday to do a quick check up. Everything with me and baby was fine and she was happy for me to wait it out as long as the hospital would allow me to. I decided to decline a sweep, from past experience sweeps don’t work on me because my babies don’t get there arse or should I say head into gear until the last minute. Everytime a midwife has tried to do one my cervix has been to high to reach so I thought I would save myself the indignity and decline it this time. Upon having a feel of my belly, the midwife did confirm baby’s head is still bopping about in there instead of being locked in my pelvis, little monkey.

Do the old wives tales work?

Erm nope, I have tried pretty much everything I am willing to try to get this baby out and they are still not budging! My last ditch attempt is a shopping trip today purely because I made this same ‘ I’m pissed I don’t have a baby, let’s go shopping’ shopping trip when I was overdue with Ava and I went into labour the following day. Purely coincidence I’m sure but we are doing some serious straw clutching here people!

What’s next?

My midwife booked me in for the one thing I have been dreading, induction. I really don’t want to be induced, I don’t like the thought of all the waiting around or being in hospital longer than I have to be. I had planned to have a natural water birth at a local midwife centre just like I did with Ava. Giving birth in a hospital couldn’t be further from what I want. Obviously I need to get this baby out one way or another and if I need inducing, so be it, at least by the end of next week I will finally have a newborn to snuggle. If anyone has any positive induction stories please let me know, to say I’m shitting myself about it is a slight understatement!

Bump Shots

41 Week Pregnancy update

I shall see you soon with an update of an actual baby eek!

Amy x

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