The Mighalls Family Christmas Traditions

December 5, 2017

I am quite a traditional girl at heart. I love the idea of having yearly Christmas traditions and making memories that we will treasure forever. Christmas means so much to me and I really try to make it special. I hope my children will carry on our traditions for years to come and make amazing memories.

Our Christmas Traditions


  • We always put our tree up as close to the 1st of December as we can. I normally consume a large amount of snowballs whilst putting it up. Not this year though, baby has not made her arrival yet!
  • I like to buy a special decoration for the tree each year. You can watch my YouTube video on my tree decorations here
  • Every year we visit Birches Valley at Christmas to see all the Christmas trees laid out. We take our annual photo with the polar bear and eat yummy food.
  • Our town hosts a Christmas light switch on event each year. This year was the first year we all went down together. This will definitely be yearly tradition we intend keep.
  • Every year Santa goes around the streets in our town. Normally it’s just me and Jack that go out to see him but I’m hoping he comes round early enough for Ava to see him this year.
  • Christmas Eve means one thing, Christmas Ham! I always bake a big joint of gammon in coca cola to enjoy over Christmas.
  • New pjs are a must for Christmas Eve.
  • I bought a Christmas Eve box last year, which I plan fill with goodies for us all every year.
  • Every year we each open one small present each on Christmas Eve.
  •  ‘Twas the night before Christmas is read before bed on Christmas Eve.
  • Once the smallest people are in bed on Christmas Eve, its time to order a takeaway and watch DieHard
  • Every year once the presents are laid out on Christmas Eve I take a picture of the dog in front of them and the tree. I have no bloody idea why but I’ve been doing it the last 6 years!
  • I’m not sure this is a tradition that anyone else in the house likes but I still wake up mega early on Christmas morning. I just get too excited to sleep!
  • We always open our stockings in our bed on Christmas morning.
  • Christmas morning means one thing. Bucks Fizz for breakfast woooo! Let the Christmas Day drinking commence.
  • Me and Andy always have a selection of cheese and crackers on Christmas night, plus a cheeky bottle of champagne.
  • Boxing day means only one thing for me – child free sales shopping with my dad!

Do you have any special Christmas traditions you like to do each year?

Amy x

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