40 Week Pregnancy Update – The longest week Ever

November 29, 2017

It’s my due date! A whole 40 weeks of being pregnant. If I’m honest I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t be writing a 40 week pregnancy update and unless little miss gets a move on, it looks like she’s going to keep us waiting a while yet just like her big sister. Everything is ready for her arrival, the Chicco Next2me is all set up, clothes are washed and hung and I am most definitely ready to meet her.

40 week pregnancy update

How am I feeling?

Done, done is the only answer to that question. I have definitely reached my limit on being pregnant. This last week has been pretty miserable, I’m uncomfortable and my pelvis hurts a lot, I haven’t been sleeping properly so generally I’m just a bit of a grump. I’m finding walking around hurts quite a bit so I haven’t left the house much, I’ve done plenty of cleaning though, the nesting urge has got me. I’m hoping Miss Mighalls arrives soon to put me out of my misery but if not at least the end is in sight and one way or another we will have a baby in the next 2 weeks!

Midwife Appointments and Sweeps

Since I last updated I have had 2 midwife appointments. Everything was fine at both of them and baby is growing nicely. I had an appointment yesterday at 39+6 for my midwife to do a sweep. Unfortunately babies head wasn’t low enough down into my pelvis for her to do it. I expected as much though, they failed to give me a sweep with Ava too for the same reason. Ava’s head didn’t get into the right position until the very last minute so I suspect this little lady is following suit.

What’s next?

I have another sweep booked on Friday although I’m not holding out much hope for that one either. The next step after that will be to book me in for an induction. An induction is not something I want though so hopefully she gets a move on of her own accord!

Bump Shots

I feel like I’ve reached whale size now, I’m definitely stretched to capacity!

40 week pregnancy update

38 Weeks

39 Weeks

40 Weeks

Hopefully I won’t need to do another pregnancy update but If I do need to be induced I will pop a little update up on that, preferably though the next update will be a baby one!

Amy x


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  1. Good luck! It’s so tiring at 40 weeks. Looking forward to your updates!

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