24 Toddler Friendly Elf On The Shelf Ideas

November 28, 2017

Ava is probably a little bit to young to really grasp the concept of Elf on the shelf but I was desperate to do it. Elf on the shelf was never a thing when Jack was little so I’m excited to start this new tradition. I have tried to come up with toddler friendly Elf on the shelf ideas that Ava will find funny. She may not entirely understand what’s going on but I’m pretty sure she will have a good old chuckle at finding the Elf in funny places. Here’s what I plan to do with our Elf each morning..

24 Toddler friendly Elf on the shelf ideas


  1. Elf arrives with a welcome message on etch a sketch (bought from Poundland) and the first book advent
  2. Snowball fight with mini pom pom’s, I got mine from the Christmas craft section in Home Bargains
  3. It’s ‘bauble’ bath time, I am going to put him in a small dish and cover him with silver/white mini baubles
  4. Elf brings Ava a Christmas colouring book
  5. Elf is hiding in a new Christmas cup for Ava
  6. Toast mini marshmallows over a candle
  7. Wrap up the Christmas tree in naughty elf tape, I got some from Poundland
  8. Elf tea party with Christmas toys
  9. Elf is on his swing, bought from Poundland
  10. It’s baking time. Elf has been making flour angels and has left ingredients to make cookies
  11. Christmas story time with Ava’s teddies
  12. Elf is riding a reindeer ornament
  13. Ball pit fun, I will put Elf in a dish again with multicoloured pom poms, bought from Home Bargains
  14. Elf has made a zip line from twine and a mini candy cane
  15. Elf is sleeping under the blanket on the sofa
  16. Naughty Elf is hanging from the light shade
  17. Popcorn trail left for a Christmas movie day
  18. Elf is hiding in the Christmas tree
  19. Elf is in Ava’s wellies waiting to go on a winter walk
  20. Naughty Elf has rolled down the stairs in toilet roll
  21. Elf has bought a letter from Santa
  22. Elf is sitting in Ava’s pushchair
  23. North Pole Breakfast
  24. Elf brings the Christmas Eve box and says bye bye.


Hopefully this list gives you a few ideas if you are struggling. Don’t forget to check out Pinterest too for Elf on the shelf inspiration, I have lost hours scrolling through!

Amy x

3 responses to “24 Toddler Friendly Elf On The Shelf Ideas”

  1. mumversation says:

    These are great, some really inventive ideas. I wrote a similar post for my ideas. Have fun! http://mumversation.com/2017/11/27/easy-elf-shelf-ideas/

  2. It’s our first year doing elf on the shelf so this is fantastic thank you x ❤

  3. Some lovely ideas! I’ve decided not to do it as I feel so pressured this year but it seems like you’ve found some ways to make it fun and easy

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