Sports Direct £5 Christmas Gift Challenge

November 16, 2017

When BritMums invited us to take the Sports Direct £5 Christmas Gift Challenge I have to say I was a bit sceptical. Sports Direct is not somewhere I would usually shop at let alone turn to them for Christmas presents. In fact I wasn’t even aware they had a gift section on their website and I certainly didn’t expect to find the likes of Disney and Paw Patrol on there.

As part of the challenge I was given a £30 voucher code to use on the website on only £5 gifts and under. I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of items I managed to pick up. I was mainly after children’s stocking fillers and the choice online certainly did not disappoint. Here’s a run through of everything I ordered.

Sports £5 Christmas gift challenge

Disney Bath Puzzle £5

Ava is a big fan of bath time and loves playing in there. Her current bath toys are starting to look a bit worse for wear so I wanted to get her something new to play with. This Disney bath puzzle is perfect and I’m sure she will absolutely love it.

Frozen/Paw Patrol mini magnetic scribbler £2.10

When they say mini they really mean mini, but, for the price I really can’t complain. This will make a perfect stocking filler for Ava. She has recently got into frozen and she loves drawing. As much as Ava would love the Paw Patrol one as well, this one is a little stocking filler for our nephew.

Paw Patrol mini art case £1.50

Another stocking filler for Ava. She has recently started taking an interest in drawing and painting so this will be perfect for her. Plus she loves Paw Patrol.

Frozen/Avengers bubble wand £1

I couldn’t resist these stocking fillers for £1. Everyone loves bubbles!

Disney Princess Jewellery making set

My niece loves anything creative so I know she will love this. I would never of thought I could get something like this from sports direct.

Fairy Wings and wand set £1.99

This was actually on my list of things I wanted to get Ava so I’m really happy to of found some for such a good price.

Disney Princess wooden puzzles £5

christmas gift

When looking through the £5 Christmas gift selection never in a million years did I expect to find Disney wooden puzzles. Seriously debating if I actually need to give them as a gift or if I can keep them for my girls!


So that’s everything that I managed to get for the grand total of £24.60 (plus £4.99 postage). I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of £5 and under gifts, especially the popular character selection. Ordering was easy and delivery prompt with regular emails to keep me updated on my order. My only tiny complaint is that because the items are delivered in a bag, the Disney jewellery set box was a little squashed. Other than that I am very happy with my purchases and would definitely consider looking on in the future.

Amy x

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10 responses to “Sports Direct £5 Christmas Gift Challenge”

  1. I have found some really great gifts in Sports Direct – great that they have well priced items and a good variety too. Su

  2. Oh WOW these are incredible prices! My daughter is mad for Elsa & Paw Patrol so you have basically laid out her perfect stocking stuffers! Thanks for the suggestions. x

  3. I took part in the challenge too and was amazed at what you could get for under £5. I had never thought to go to Sports Direct before, but will be from now on. I got some Paw Patrol bits too. I mean, what self respecting 3 year old doesn’t like Paw Patrol?

  4. What an amazing prices and I did not realise that Sports Direct did these bits! Great for stocking fillers. I will be going for a look.

  5. Emma says:

    Mini magnetic scribblers are brilliant for travel. We have a few tucked away in the car for long car journeys.

  6. You’ve done so well for 30 quid here! Perfect stocking fillers

  7. Kate Holmes says:

    Lovely to see what you chose. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  8. Oooh Harry would love those paw patrol goodies! They are the perfect stocking fillers and so cheap too. I love sports direct for Christmas gifts. xx

  9. I had no idea that you could get all of these at Sports Direct. I thought they only did sports wear as such. Monkey is a bit of a fan of Paw Patrol so all these things would be perfect for him. Will have to have a look for stocking fillers x

  10. I can’t believe you managed to get all this for under £30.00. That’s amazing. My daughter is obsessed with Disney Princess so I know she would love all these Disney Princess products. I need some more stocking fillers so I’m going to head over to Sports Direct now and order some. Great post! Hugs Lucy xxxx

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