37 Weeks Pregnancy Update – Officially Full Term

November 8, 2017

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was writing my very first update post and now here I am writing my 37 weeks pregnancy update, officially at full term!

Jack was born at exactly 37 weeks but Ava was fashionably late at 40+6 so who knows when this little one will make their entrance into the world. Both my labours have started with my waters spontaneously breaking in the night, I never get any warning signs that labour is on its way it just happens! I’m feeling a little nervous for the birth understandably, it’s a lot of pain, I have to cross my legs just thinking about it.

Ava’s birth was completely out of my control, she decided she was coming and that was that, my body just took over. At the time I completely panicked at the lack of control (I had an assisted birth with Jack) but hopefully if this little lady follows suit I should be a bit more prepared and not lose my shit quite as much, I screamed A LOT when giving birth to her. I’m aiming to be a little calmer this time but that may very well be wishful thinking, maybe I’ll pack earplugs for everyone just in case…

37 weeks pregnancy update

Birth Plan

Personally I’m not a fan of writing birth plans, you never know what’s going to happen so I’m more of a go with the flow kinda gal. The only thing I have requested on my birth plan is that I would like another water birth and I wish to remain as active as possible through labour. I found walking around helped speed things up last time. The only pain relief I have chosen is gas and air. I didn’t actually use any pain relief last time, by the time I got to the midwife unit I was ready to push. I did have some gas and air whilst they were stitching me up though.

How am I feeling?

Dare I say it I’m actually feeling pretty good, well compared to being pregnant with Ava I am. I’m not sure if it’s because my pregnancy with Ava was so bad, the fact that this is my last baby or because I’m running round after a toddler that has made me not completely hate being pregnant. The first couple of months were horrific with sickness but since then It’s been pretty plain sailing. Obviously the bigger I get the harder it gets to walk and get comfy, but I’m just grateful to not be in as much pain as I was with Ava. If I had done a 37 weeks pregnancy update with Ava it would just of been me begging to get her out!

Midwife appointments and scans

I have a routine midwife appointment next week and also another growth scan booked for 38 weeks. I have been discharged from consultant care but they have kept my growth scan appointment just to be on the safe side, I feel like the size of a house these last couple of weeks so I’m sure she is cooking away nicely in there.

What’s Next?

It’s just a waiting game now isn’t it. My hospital bag is packed, the car seat is ready to go, and teeny baby clothes are hanging in the wardrobe. Come on baby, we are all ready for you!

Bump shots

37 weeks pregnancy

35 weeks pregnant


36 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant

My next update will be my due date update unless baby decides to arrive before then!

Amy x

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  1. Good to hear you’re not feeling too bad, excited for Baby to arrive!

  2. Hannah says:

    Exciting times! I hope your little one doesn’t keep you waiting, I know how much those last few weeks can drag. Fingers crossed for a smoother arrival this time xx

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