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November 3, 2017

So finally at 36 weeks pregnant I’ve managed to kick my arse into gear and pack my hospital bag. I’m sure I wont need it for a while yet but seeing as I had my first baby at 37 weeks I thought I best get organised just in case (wishful thinking). As this is my third baby I kinda know what I need to take however I am a serial over packer, and tend to pack for ‘what if’ situations, I cant help myself. We were back home within a few hours of having Ava so pretty much didn’t need a hospital bag, I’d love it if the same happened with this baby but births and newborns can be unpredictable so I have packed enough to last me a couple of days.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks I will have 2 under 2 eeek! I have packed an overnight bag for Ava too as she will be going to stay with Nanny and Grandad when the time comes.

What’s in my hospital bag…for me

Maternity notes – Make sure these are in your bag! It’s best to carry them with you in the last few weeks incase you go into labour away from home.

Long vest to give birth in – This is what I gave birth in last time, I’m hopefully having a water birth again all being well.

Comfy dark coloured pjs and slippers – I bought some maternity ones from Mothercare that button at the chest for breastfeeding and some cheap slippers from Primark.

Thin dressing gown – Hospitals are warm so you don’t want anything too bulky, a thin one will be enough to cover you up as you hobble about.

3 pairs of granny pants – The pants of every mans nightmares but they are a necessity for a least a few days post birth.

Maternity pads – It’s getting more glamorous by the second isn’t it?

Lansinoh nursing pads and nipple cream – The lanolin nipple cream was my absolute lifesaver when I breastfed Ava, it works wonders on sore cracked nipples. As the cream is 100% natural, with no taste,colour or perfume there is no need to remove it before feeding, a big plus point in my eyes. I still use this cream now for when Ava gets a sore chin from teething. I was kindly sent some lansinoh products to review including the 3 in 1 hot or cold breast therapy pack so look out for that review once baby arrives.

Going home outfit – I’ve just packed some leggings and a baggy t-shirt. The comfier the better.

Socks and bras – Just in case I am in for a couple of days.

Snacks, sports drink, phone charger and magazines – Labour can take forever!

Change of boxers,socks and T-shirt for Andy – The birthing centre is only 15 minutes away from us so this shouldn’t be needed really as long as little miss doesn’t take forever to come out!


Toothbrush and toothpaste

Dry shampoo


Mini shower gels etc

Minimal Make up



lip balm

Hospital bag

What’s in my hospital bag…for baby

3 x Vests

3 x Sleepsuits


1 bigger sized vest and sleepsuit – Both previous children have been around the same weight, but who knows how big this one will be.

1 neutral sleepsuit – Just incase little Miss turns out to be a Mr. We have had multiple scans saying girl but as I told you at the start, I’m a what if/be prepared for all possibilities kinda girl.

Going home outfit – I’ve actually packed 2 because I couldn’t decide!

Nappies and wipes – I’m using Aldi’s newborn nappies and I like to use Waterwipes for the first few weeks.

Blanket and hat – I’m having a winter baby so It will be pretty chilly on the walk back to car.

Tommee Tippee formula starter pack – Although I intend to give breastfeeding a go initially, I wanted to pack a couple of these ready made bottles incase we had any problems.

Scratch mittens – Most sleepsuits have these built in but one of the going home outfits I have packed doesn’t.

Teddy – Not essential but it’s nice to have something for the first photos.


That’s everything I think, let me know if there’s anything you think I’ve missed.

Amy x


6 responses to “What’s In My Hospital Bag – Mother And Baby”

  1. Lansinoh products are amazing, I couldn’t have got through breastfeeding without the HPA lanolin cream. I love having a few posh toiletries in my bag second time around – it was lovely to have that first shower with a gorgeous shower foam and feel like a bit of luxury after your body has really gone through the mill. I took lots of sugary snacks too – my labour was very quick, so I have happy memories of sitting on the bed, eating French Fancies with my husband to celebrate!

  2. I don’t think that you have missed anything! You are very organsised. Good call on the granny pants and the dry shampoo. You just want to feel human but comfortable too x

  3. I brought a cheap towel for that first shower afterwards, as it’s not the best experience of my life and then I just threw it away afterwards. I took jelly babies too, as it was good to get a sugar rush when I needed it x

  4. Memeandharri says:

    How exciting!!! I think you have everything covered – I never took enough baby clothes, I forget how fast they go through them!

  5. Laura Dove says:

    You’ve covered everything here! I was all about the granny pants although saying that, I only packed one bag out of my five, the rest of the time I was so unprepared with them being premature that my husband was left cobbling it together!

  6. I think you’ve done really well with your packing and you are all set. It’s a gorgeous bag with those little owls too. I wish you all the best, exciting times ahead. Mich x

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