How To Have A Halloween Night In With Toddlers

October 29, 2017

Staying in is the new going out right? Well it is if you have kids, especially young ones. Just because you are confined to the house with your tiny terrors, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Halloween night in with them. The best thing about staying at home for Halloween is that you can completely tailor it to your child’s tolerance of Halloween, meaning no potential meltdowns because something is too scary. Ava isn’t fussed in the slightest by scary things, in fact she loves all things Halloween already, worryingly for me spiders seem to be her favourite…

How to have a Halloween night in with toddlers


Decorate the house

I love any excuse to decorate the house and Halloween is no exception. I pick up things like banners, lights and hanging decorations from places like home bargains and Poundland. Read my Poundland Halloween haul here

Dress up

Just because you are staying in your own home doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up, kids love playing dress up!

Spooky themed food

I found the spooky frozen party food in Tesco, I’m a sucker for shit like this so I had to buy it! Also Percy Pigs are my all time favourite so I NEEDED the Halloween version.

Halloween Music

Ava loves nothing more than having a dance, she will happily shake her butt to just about anything. There are loads of Halloween playlists on apps like Spotify. Turn the volume up and have a good old dance around the room.

Pumpkin carving

Get everyone involved in doing a bit of pumpkin carving, younger ones could paint a little pumpkin or have fun sticking stickers and googley eyes to one.


And finally…

Watch a scary movie or TV show

The shops are full of cheap kids Halloween DVDs at the minute, and Netflix, Now Tv etc. have a great selection. We will be snuggling up to watch Hotel Transylvania whilst Ava is with us and then as soon as she is in bed we will be binge watching the new series of Stranger Things!


We love Halloween in this house. Do you like to celebrate Halloween?


Amy x




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