How To Make A Halloween Sensory Tray

October 25, 2017

I love making Sensory trays for my little girl, mainly because they are cheap to set up and keep her amused for ages, what’s not to love? A Halloween Sensory tray is a great way to get little ones involved in the fun of Halloween without it being too scary for them. Ava is not phased at all by Halloween. She loves looking at everything hanging up in the shops and all the flashing lights and noises.

Most items I have used for this Sensory play activity are either items I already had from previous Halloweens, bits I’ve picked up from pound shops or nature items we have picked up on the walks.

What you need to make a Halloween sensory Tray

A tub or tray

Last year I used an underbed storage box. This year I have used a Tuff Spot Tray which we were kindly given when Ava’s messy play class closed down. A tuff tray is not a necessity though, a box will do just fine.

For the base of my tub I used a packet of dried red lentils (cheap ones from home bargains) these make a great Sensory play item and little ones will love scooping them up.

light up ghost/spider Or Similar

The ghost I bought last year from B and M, pretty sure they have the same ones this year and the spider is from Poundland. These are Ava’s favourite things, she loves anything that lights up.

Halloween Tinsel

Again, I already had this but you can pick this up really cheaply from most places. Tinsel is a great Sensory play item.

Glittery Spiders

As much as spiders scare the crap out of me they come part and parcel with Halloween don’t they. I opted for these cheap glittery ones from Poundland, I’d be a nervous wreck if there were black ones in the house!

Halloween cookie cutters

I’ve had these for years. They are great for talking about different elements of Halloween and for swirling around in the lentils

Munchkin Pumkins

Munchkin pumpkins are a little bit cute aren’t they? They are also a great size for little hands to explore. Most supermarkets sell these now.

Halloween books

We have been collecting a few Halloween themed books over the years, our latest one is Thats not my…Witch. Check out supermarkets for Halloween books, most places are selling them for about £3.


Just to add an extra sensory element to the tray, I normally pop in a few nature bits we have collected on walks.

Themed Fairy lights

The pound shops are full of novelty lights at the minute.

Halloween sensory tray

There is no right or wrong items to use really when it comes to sensory play, whatever you have lying around will do. You can make them as cheaply or as elaborate as you like. Pinterest has some great ideas to suit all budgets and Poundland have some great bits in at the minute. Check out my recent haul here

Obvioulsy it goes without saying to supervise your little ones when partaking in sensory play, particularly where household items are concerned.

This is the Halloween sensory tray I created for Ava last year, she was just over 8 months old and loved exploring everything.


Amy x

7 responses to “How To Make A Halloween Sensory Tray”

  1. Oooo I’m going to try this. We’ve just bought a tuft tray so need some non-messy activities 🙂

  2. EssexKate says:

    The orange lentils are perfect for Halloween. I really should stop being so lazy and do some sensory stuff with my youngest who is the same age.

  3. Nina says:

    So cute! Love this! We Home Educate so I’m sure my boys would spend all day playing with it! Haha x

  4. AutismMumma says:

    Love this, such a mix of colours and textures

  5. Steph says:

    This is so cute! We’ve done a lot of Halloween sensory too but it looks so much better with a tuff tray. Definitely need to get myself one.

  6. Deb Sharratt says:

    Nothing ever stayed in the tray with my boys x

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