Poundland Halloween Haul 2017

October 23, 2017

Poundland have got some spookily awesome Halloween items in at the minute, especially if you are having a Halloween party. Ava is a bit too little still this year to fully grasp Halloween so we won’t be having a party but I still plan to decorate the house and head out on some Halloween adventures near to us. I picked up a few bits so I thought I would do a little Poundland Halloween haul to show you all what I got.

Poundland Halloween Haul 2017


Trick or Treat party bags, chocolate lollies and eyeballs, Maoam stripes and Halloween bubbles.

We don’t get many trick or treaters around by us and last year the ones we did get were quite little. This year I’ve decided to fill these little party bags with treats for anyone that comes to the house.

Glitter Halloween Banner, cobwebs and colour changing spider

Poundland Halloween haul

I bought the light up spider to use in some Halloween Sensory play with Ava. I thought the Halloween banner was a really nice touch without being too scary and you can’t have enough fake cobwebs when it comes to decorating for Halloween can you?

Pumpkin tea light holders

I absolutely love these, they look so good and definitely don’t look like they were bought in Poundland!

Peppa Pig sticker pack

I was going to do Ava a little Halloween box with treats in but I think she’s a bit young this year plus I’m a mean mummy and don’t really give her chocolate or sweets yet. She loves stickers and Peppa Pig so I thought this would be the perfect little treat for her, I might even save her one of those chocolate lollies, it is Halloween after all.

I have been watching so many Poundland Halloween Haul vlogs on YouTube, I can’t believe how much amazing stuff Poundland have in store at the minute, it’s definitely worth checking out. All the items I bought were £1.

Amy x

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