2 under 2 – Double Pushchair, Buggy Board Or Baby Wearing???

October 15, 2017

This subject has been giving me quite a few sleepless nights just lately. Trying to decide what we will do pushchair wise once baby makes her arrival and we have 2 under 2 has not been easy and even though a decision has been made, if I’m honest I’m still not 100% sure it’s the right decision! Arghhh! Why is it so confusing??

It’s so hard trying to guess what a toddler will be doing the following day let alone in a few months time, this is why I’m having such a hard time trying to decide what’s best. Currently Ava is still happy to be in her pushchair and does still nap in it if we are out and about, which is most days.

Originally we thought Ava would be sick of the pushchair by now and therefore we planned to buy a buggy board however my due date is only 7 weeks away and I can’t see Ava giving up her pushchair anytime soon. Plus she’s a bloody nightmare for running off, the longer I can keep her contained the better!

What we plan to use for 2 under 2

So with that in mind We have decided to convert our current pushchair into a double. I have the iCandy peach which can be turned into a double you just need a million adapters and a new carrycot (more about that in a separate post!) Currently a double pushchair is the best option for us, I just worry that Ava will change her mind and we will have waisted our money, fingers crossed she’s stays happy in her pushchair for the foreseeable.

The other option that I haven’t totally ruled out is baby wearing the new baby. I already have a carrier that we bought for going on holiday with Ava. Shorter journeys such as popping to the shops or library I think I will use the carrier but for longer periods of time I’m not sure, that is something we will figure out once she makes her entrance into the world!

Sorry if this is a bit rambly, and not totally useful but I just wanted to share what we are planning to do when we have 2 under 2 (eeek) I will do a full post about converting the icandy once everything arrives, And obviously update you if this was the right decision when little one is here.

If you have/had 2 under 2 I’d love to hear what you did, please leave your words of wisdom in the comments.

Amy x

12 responses to “2 under 2 – Double Pushchair, Buggy Board Or Baby Wearing???”

  1. Chloe says:

    I’ve got two girls under 2 and the double buggy has been our best option. My eldest is an escaper and will run away given the chance so I can’t let her walk free. She likes to walk on reins if we go to the park or somewhere short. That way she’s safe and I’ve got the easy single buggy for the little one. If not she likes to sit beside her sister in the double. The joie twin is the best! It’s only 1
    £120 and so easy to use. Folds with one hand, can use from birth and not wide like most doubles! X

  2. It’s hard when they are differing ages, as like you say you just don’t know what the older one will want to do. I think a double pushchair is a good idea though as those liitte legs still get tired. Mich x

  3. I would go for the buggy. My sister-in-law has two under two and she swears by the iCandy buggy. It looks smart and is really practical to use and great when out and about x

  4. Emma Raphael says:

    You are due the same time as my sister. She also has a 20 month old, so didn’t really know what to do either. In the end they have gone for a variety of things, she has a sling to do a bit of baby wearing, they have a really cute little seat that attaches to their bugaboo, and they also have a second maclaren pushchair for when her partner is at home which he can be in charge of! 😀 Good luck with it all! 🙂

    • amymighalls says:

      Thank you! Haha we have a variety of options too, including a second stroller, it’s so hard to try and guess what will be best in advance!

  5. Kira says:

    I couldn’t imagine how 2 under 2 – you brace woman! I would probably go with a tandem if it was me 🙂 x

  6. Oh babywearing ftw for sure! A combo of both and you can’t go wrong though!

  7. I only have the one child so I’m not sure what id do in your position. I’d probably use a pram in case the older one got tired. But, like you said, baby wearing for short trips would be lovely x

  8. Gosh, I remember the whole double buggy and buggy board debate. Our daughter was just three when her brother was born and she was a great walker. So we decided to not go for a double buggy. And Little Miss H hated the buggy board and we sold it pretty much as soon as we bought it. So we just kept going with the pram we had. Thankfully it could be used from newborn. And I also wore the baby. It has worked out well and we haven’t had any problems. But I think I’d definitely go for the double buggy option if I had 2 under 2. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  9. We were going to opt for a double buggy it took us a bit longer second time round so we didn’t need it in the end. But many of friends have done that. Also the fact that you have the Peach is probably a lot easier? We have one and I love it. I am sure you will be just fine xx

  10. Ooo two under two – that will be tricky! My oldest was 2yrs 5 months when my second was born. I bought a double buggy & feel like it’s the best thing I ever bought because I went anywhere with it. I got one with the blow up wheels so if there was a agricultural show or something on grass, I wheeled the boys in!! I look forward to reading what you decide to go for! x

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