Top 5 Must Have Newborn Buys Over £30

October 3, 2017

Last week I told you my Top 5 must have buys under £30 . This week I’m sharing the more expensive newborn buys that we would not be without. These items are in no way essential but we found they made our lives so much easier and really helped in those hazy first few months.

Top 5 must have newborn buys over £30


Sleepyhead Deluxe

Newborn buys

Yes I know these are ridiculously expensive but I’m so glad we bought one! I can’t be 100% certain it’s why Ava got into a good sleeping routine, I think it helped though. It gave us peace of mind that she wasn’t rolling about in her sleep and it provided her with a safe cosy place she associated with sleep no matter where she was. When Ava was in the first few months of her life we took her away 3 times, each time she slept fine even though she was in an unfamiliar bed and room.

Chicco Next2me Crib

We originally had a lovely wooden swinging crib when Ava was first born. However I found getting Ava in an out throughout the night was absolutely destroying my back. We decided to purchase a Next To Me and I so wish we had one from the start! I loved being so close to Ava without the worry of having her actually in bed with us, I’m a big fidgeter in my sleep so co-sleeping was not an option. The fact that I could just lean over and pick her up in the night without bending over really helped my back, it was a complete lifesaver. The Next To Me is also great for travel as it folds down flat and packs away neatly into the bag provided.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

I know the perfect prep isn’t for everyone and has had a bit of a bad time in the press. However speaking from personal experience we really loved it for its convenience. We didn’t use it much in the first few weeks as the minimum bottle it makes is 4oz and Ava wasn’t taking that much, it certainly got plenty of use as she got older though. We loved how easy it was to use and how quick it made bottles up to the perfect temperature, a lifesaver when you have a baby that wants feeding immediately and lets the whole world know about it!

Motorola mbp36s video monitor

This item is an absolute must have for us, we would not be without it, obviously there are others on the market but this is the one we personally own. We put Ava in to a bedtime routine from a very young age, the camera meant we were able to see and hear her, giving us peace of mind to leave her on her own. This monitor gives a clear picture even in the dark and has a zoom button which is great if you get a little bit paranoid about seeing them breathing like I do! The camera has 2 way communication and comes with preset lullabies which can be played through it if your little one is a bit unsettled. The only downside we have found with this particular model is the battery life isn’t great, you do really need to keep it plugged in the majority of the time. Even with the battery issue, we still plan on purchasing another one of these to use with the new baby.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing

This was an emergency, save my sanity purchase! We originally bought a lovely baby bouncer that vibrated and may I add, matched our lounge colour scheme perfectly. Only problem was Ava wanted rocking in it constantly, the second you stopped she would kick off, not ideal if you want a few minutes peace or need to attempt to get jobs done. We looked into getting a swing and decided on this one, it plays music, swings and had a vibrate function. I have to say it was an absolute lifesaver and Ava absolutely loved it. We have kept both the bouncer and swing and will probably use the bouncer for the first couple of weeks but after that this bad boy will be the star of the show. My friend borrowed mine for her little boy, and can confirm it works wonders.

What were your more expensive must have newborn buys?

Amy x

*This post contains Amazon Affiliates links. I only link products I have personally purchased myself.

5 responses to “Top 5 Must Have Newborn Buys Over £30”

  1. Helen says:

    We have a co-sleeper and it has honestly changed our parenting lives! It makes nightdress so much easier and is there anything more perfect than watching your baby fall asleep next to you? 🙂

  2. Kira says:

    I would be lost without our prep machine- it has been an absoulate god send, I think they are worth every penny x

  3. Laura Dove says:

    That next to me crib looks amazing! I had something similar for my eldest but nowhere near as good as that! It looks so snug and a real life saver for those night feeds!!

  4. Mudpie Fridays says:

    We borrowed a next to me crib when Kipper grew out of his Moses basket and we discovered he had asthma and we didn’t want to move him to his own room until we were happy with his breathing. I also got a Perfect Pret this time round and I would not be with out it!

  5. Emma says:

    The Tommee Tippee machine was great when my youngest was little. I really liked the idea of a next to me bed, but never had one because we were given a family crib that has been passed down… it’s hard to break family traditions.

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