Autumn Toddler Sensory Play – Painting With Nature

October 1, 2017

Looking for ways to keep your toddler entertained this Autumn? Look no further, I have technically got 3 toddler sensory play activities for you to do, although you could stretch them out and paint with the different elements on separate occasions.

Autumn Toddler Sensory Play Activities

Go on a nature hunt

The parks and woods are full of things you can use for loads of toddler sensory play activities. Little ones will loves searching for items and helping collect them up. We got a big bag of conkers, acorns, pine cones and different coloured leaves.

Autumn Toddler Sensory play

Nature Painting activity

I set up some Autumn coloured paints and gave Ava different nature elements to explore painting with. We tried acorn rolling, leaf painting, pine cone rolling and painting the acorns. Ava loved painting the paper and then making marks in the paint with the acorns. She also enjoyed using the pinecone dipped in paint to stamp the paper with. The tray I use to put the different paints in is just a cheap dip tray I picked up in home bargains.

Whilst we had the paints out we did some hand painting seeing as she was already messy anyway. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest on creating Autumn hand and footprint paint keepsakes. Ava painted over hers though so I think we will try that one again next time!

Washing up

Once the painting was over I gave Ava a bowl of warm soapy water and a sponge and got her to wash the paint off the acorns and pine cones. Not only is this a messy play activity they will love, it also gets their hands clean at the same time, no hand wiping battle! We gave her a tea towel to dry them on once she had finished washing them.

Painting is one of our favourite toddler sensory play activities for rainy days, what’s yours?

Amy x


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  1. Helen says:

    I love the idea of painting with nature – I’ve not tried that with my daughters, so I must do!

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