My Top 5 Must Have Newborn Buys Under £30

September 21, 2017

Baby 3’s arrival is just a few short months away now eek! I’ve finally made a start on planning what we need buy for her and double checking that the bits we saved of Ava’s are OK to use. We put a lot of Ava’s things up the loft so I don’t really need to buy much. I think that’s why I have left it so late to start getting organised! The following items are my must have newborn buys under £30. These items are what we absolutely wouldn’t be without when baby P makes her appearance. I intend to do a post on my must have newborn buys over £30 too, which should be up hopefully next week.

My Top 5 Must Have Newborn Buys Under £30


MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set (Pink)

I love these bottles and recommend them to any expecting parents. Not only are they anti-colic they are also self sterilising, amazing right? There’s no need for a bulky steriliser which is great if you have a small kitchen like us. You simply fill the bottom of the bottle with water then pop them in the microwave. I love how the bottles come completely apart so every bit can get a good clean. Ava originally had a different brand of bottles but she wasn’t getting on with the teat shape, we found the MAM bottles to be perfect for her. And as if I didn’t love them enough, they come in the cutest designs! We did save Ava’s but the loft seems to of made them disappear…or is it the amount of junk we have up there, hmmm..

Ewan The Dream Sheep

Ah Ewan my old buddy, in the early days I’m not sure who he helped get to sleep more, me or Ava. Ewan has been with us for 19 months now and Ava is showing no signs of letting him go. So Ewan mark 2 will be entering the house very soon! Since Ewan came out there have been a few other items that do pretty much the same as Ewan, but we will be sticking with him, if it aint broke, why fix it. If you havent got a clue who Ewan is, he is a cuddly sheep that comes in purple or grey, we have grey. All of his paws play a different white noise sound – hoover,harp,rain and heartbeat for 15 minutes as well as his belly glowing red for the duration of the sound, which is said to mimic the light babies see in the womb. I can’t promise Ewan will make your baby sleep but I feel he definitely helped Ava settle.

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support, Pink

This little bath support is amazing! Our bathroom is absolutely tiny, it’s still an old school separate bathroom and toilet so space is non existent. I didn’t like the idea of having a baby bath because quite frankly, where the hell would we put it. Prayers were answered when I discovered the Angelcare bath support. Not only is it a great space saver, it takes the scariness away from bathing a slippery squirmy newborn. Simply pop them in the moulded seat and you have both hands free to wash them, much easier than trying to hold on to them with one hand and wash with the other.

Primark Muslins

You can of course buy muslins from anywhere however personally I found these Primark ones to be the best, even after washing they stay lovely and soft and they are a good size. Muslins are possibly my top must have newborn buys, they come in handy for so many things and you’d be surprised just how many you can get through in a day, babies are messy buggers. The primark ones are super cheap so I bought loads with Ava, they are still in fab condition now so we will reuse them for this baby.

Nursing Pillow

Must have newborn buys under £30

Regardless of how you intend to feed your baby I can’t recommend getting a nursing pillow enough. They are perfect for putting around your waist and popping little one on to feed. We found it helped us get in a more comfortable position when feeding in bed to avoid backache. As your newborn gets a bit older they are just the right shape to lay them in and they can also be used in pregnancy to support you back. The design we bought is out of stock but I’ve linked its replacement. There are a lot of nursing/pregnancy pillows on the market so have a look around to see what suits you best.

Did you have any newborn items that you found invaluable?

Amy x

*This post is not sponsored but it does contain some Amazon Affiliate links. I have only linked items I actually own myself.

8 responses to “My Top 5 Must Have Newborn Buys Under £30”

  1. We had a bath support like this and I don’t think I could have managed bath time without it. Great advice for new parents!

  2. I haven’t had a babe for over a decade now and I’m surprised how things have come on. There was no pretty bottles or bath supports when my ids were young, it was all much more utilitarian. Mich x

  3. Maria says:

    We have the sheep and also loved the mam bottles. A great list there

  4. I used MAM bottles for my third baby. My second refused all bottles which was really tough going so I was determined to find one that the third baby would love. So I always recommend those to everyone lol as they were a life saver!!

  5. Love everything on this list. Self sterilising bottles? Genius! My little one will be two in a few weeks, so we are past this stage, but I had a lot of it (so sad I didn’t know about the sheep though – so cute!) 🙂

  6. Some great tips here! We had a slumber bear which is like Ewan the sheep. It was brilliant and played white noise that really helped settle our oldest when she was a baby. I wish those self sterilising bottles had been around a couple of years ago!

  7. I have had a Ewan for both boys and would not be without it. Definitely on our recommended list too. Monkey still has his at five, not that he listens too it anymore but loves the cuddles! x

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