Toddler Bedtime Routine At 19 Months Old

September 19, 2017

Ava has been in a bedtime routine since she was a few weeks old. I’d love to say this is the secret to her sleeping well but only time will tell on that one. We could do exactly the same with the new baby  and have them never sleep. I will update you on that in a few months time! Anyway I’ve spent a lot of time googling other people’s routines, I find them really helpful, plus I’m a nosey bugger, I like to see what everybody else does.

Ava’s bedtime routine has changed a few times but the basics have always been the same, bath – bottle – bed.

Here’s our current bedtime routine

5.30 – We head upstairs to start the bedtime routine. Andy runs the bath whilst I get Ava undressed.

5.35 – Andy baths Ava. I set out her nappy, cream and bed clothes. I run round like a blue arsed fly tidying up whatever destruction Ava has caused and I close the curtains, put the lamps on and make sure her bed is all ready for her.

6.00 – Ava gets out the bath around now, she loves the bath and will happily play for ages in there. Andy gets her ready for bed and dries her hair.

6.10 – We all get into our bed and watch CBeebies. This is a fairly new thing we have been doing to stretch bedtime out. At one point Ava was going to bed as early as 5, sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It was actually a massive pain in the arse! The aim has always been for her bedtime to be 7.00 once she got older.

6.50 – Ava has about 3 ounces of milk in a bottle when the CBeebies bedtime story comes on. She doesn’t need the milk and has her morning milk in a cup but she will not give up her bedtime bottle.

7.00 – Andy takes Ava to bed and reads her a story, her favourite is Stick Man which she reads at least twice a day. It’s safe to say we know it off by heart now!

Bedtime routine

Ewan The Dream Sheep gets turned on, as does her VTech Sweet Dreams Projector  and that’s that, bedtime routine over. Andy pretty much always does the bedtime routine, he starts work before she’s up so he only sees her for a few hours when he gets home. They love having that time together.

I’m crossing everything that the new baby fits in to our bedtime routine and it doesn’t all go to shit!

Amy x


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