Blogging 101 – Low cost Autumn Photo Prop Ideas

September 15, 2017

Autumn is a great time to take amazing looking photos, the colours and textures are perfect. I’ve put together some low cost autumn photo prop ideas to give you some inspiration. Low cost props are really easy to find, in fact you probably already own items that you can use and a short trip around the park will get you some great props for free!

Autumn Photo Prop Ideas

Autumn Leaves, Conkers, Acorns And Pinecones

Head outside for some totally free autumn photo prop ideas. You can pick them up from the majority of parks and woodland areas. Even better, turn it into a scavenger hunt and make it a fun free day out for little ones.

autumn photo prop ideas

Blankets or woolly jumpers

Great for adding a bit of depth and texture to flatlays, I’m sure all of us have got a nice jumper or blanket in the house.

Autumn Candle

Obviously it doesn’t have to be an autumn candle a normal candle will work just as well. Autumn candles tend to be in lovely rich colours like this Yankee Candle Autumn Glow and it smells amazing!

autumn blog photo props

Copper Micro Fairy lights

Not just for Autumn, most bloggers and vloggers use fairy lights all the time. I recently picked up some copper wire ones from Primark for £2.50. I also picked up the mini rose gold faux succulent from there too for £2.00 I think.

Autumn Novelty Mug

This purchase was purely a personal indulgence but nothing screams autumn like a fox mug filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows. This one was £4.00 from Matalan

Autumn blog photo props

You can read which app I use and where I get my free backgrounds from in my How to start blogging on a budget post

Autumn presents so many beautiful outdoor photo opportunities too, and is a great excuse to get the family out before the weather turns colder.

If you have any other autumn photo prop ideas, pop them in the comments.

Amy x

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7 responses to “Blogging 101 – Low cost Autumn Photo Prop Ideas”

  1. Oh you give some fab ideas for props. I really love your mug too! So cute. I am now craving hot chocolate and cream though!

  2. countryheartdeb says:

    oh i love autumn, all the crisp leaves, pinecones and cinnamon sticks! Smore ingredients of melted chocolate and marshmallows always work well in foodie pics too 🙂

  3. This is super and it’s the kind of thing I’m USELESS at. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Emma says:

    Autumn is such a lovely month with all the reds and browns. Perfect for pictures!

  5. Thanks this is really helpful. I have not at all mastered the art of flat-lays and props. It is all just ‘real life’ in my photos, lol Mich x

  6. Laura Dove says:

    Fab ideas for props! I love that mug, how cute is that? I need to brush up on my flat lay skills, I’m definitely not quite insta-ready! Maybe I will practice this autumn!

  7. I need that mug! I’ve never really done flat lays before, but I’m hoping after BlogOn and doing a session I can start doing them. Great ideas!

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