Meal Plan Monday – 11/9/17 Family Meals

September 11, 2017

I love meal planning at this time of year, mainly because I love stews, pies and all the yummy comfort food associated with the colder seasons. I also find I’m able to reduce my food bill as a lot of meals, especially stews can be made in bigger portions so there’s always plenty of leftovers. If you would like to know how I meal plan for my family on a budget you can read my post here


Meal plan 11/9/17

Monday – Cottage pie with lots of veg inside, Ava is a veg dodger but she will happily eat it if she cant see it, sneaky! I will freeze some leftovers in mini portions for my toddler and Andy will take some to work with him for lunch.

Tuesday – Spaghetti bolognese with hidden veg in the sauce. The base for this is the same as the cottage pie I make except the herbs, so I will buy a large pack of mince and cook them up at the same time. I will freeze the leftovers in mini portions for my toddler

Wednesday – Sweet and sour chicken using a Sharwoods sauce (they are on offer in Tesco at the minute) Served with rice.

Thursday – Jacket potatoes with cheese beans and coleslaw. Ava doesn’t like jacket potatoes (how can you not?!) so she will have one of the frozen portions of cottage pie.

Friday – 3 ingredient slow cooker Hawaiian chicken and rice, I found the recipe on Pinterest

Saturday – Sort of home made pizza night. I’m going to buy some ready made pizza bases and let everyone top them with their favourite toppings. I would like to attempt to make my own bases but my last attempt was disastrous and inedible!

Sunday – Roast chicken dinner. Don’t hate me but I can’t stand roast dinners so they don’t occur very often in our house, the teenager has been begging me to do one for weeks though.

I plan to do my food shopping online at Tesco’s, this way I can stick to my meal plan and shopping list and hopefully not overspend on all the naughty things that tempt me instore.`


3 responses to “Meal Plan Monday – 11/9/17 Family Meals”

  1. shazzabella says:

    What’s is this Hawaiian chicken you speak of? Xx

    • amymighalls says:

      Chicken breasts, a bottle of BBQ sauce (I’ve bought a Chinese style one from Tesco) and a tin of pineapple, drained shoved in the slow cooker. Found it on Pinterest, hopefully it’s good! X

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    What a great meal plan…The best thing about this time of year is the warming, hearty meals.
    I do like the sound of the Hawaiian chicken and rice. Yum x

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