One Week Of Toddler Lunch Ideas

September 8, 2017

Following on from my one week of toddler breakfasts  post, this weeks it’s toddler lunch ideas. Generally Ava has a sandwhich and a few picky bits for lunch, we usually go out in the mornings then I do her a quick lunch before nap time. Ava is now 19 months old and is pretty confident with using a spoon to feed herself, we did baby led weaning so the occasional hand does slip in from time to time though! We use the  Nuby SureGrip Suction Bowl and either plastic plates from IKEA or a Cath Kidston section plate and this Munchkin spoon and fork set Ava finds the bowl and cutlery easy to use and the bowl sticks just enough to stop her accidentally knocking it over. Warning – The suction does not withstand a toddler meltdown, although I’m not sure anything can!

Don’t be fooled by the shaped sandwiches, I’m not going for mum of the year. I occasionally cut Ava’s sandwiches into interesting shapes to try and keep boredom at bay, and let’s face it, butterfly shaped sandwiches are much more fun than regular sandwiches!

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One week of toddler lunch ideas


Toddler lunch ideas

Soft cheese sandwiches on best of both crustless bread, laughing cow breadsticks and soft cheese, raspberries, mature cheese chunks, cherry tomatoes and dried strawberries (there’s a lot of cheese on that plate oops)


Toddler lunch ideas

Cheese spread on white bread cut into stars, cucumber, raisins, Aldi carrot puffs and  Little Dish raspberry oaty biscuits. Ava goes to playgroup on a Tuesday which means she has a snack there so I only do her a small lunch normally.


Toddler lunch ideas

Tomato soup and buttered white toast fingers. This is the first time Ava has had soup for lunch, she wolfed down the lot and loved dunking her toast. I think she thought I had given her a bowl of tomato sauce to eat!


Toddler lunch ideas

Chicken on one round of best of both crustless bread, 2 cocktail sausages, mature cheese chunks, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.


Toddler lunch ideas

Ham on white bread, a small sausage roll, Aldi carrot puffs, half a cheesestring, cherry tomato sand raisins. She had a barney bear as a treat, I have had to ration these because she is absolutely obsessed with them and shouts bear the second she’s wakes up!


Toddler lunch idea

Peanut butter on best of both bread, banana and a Aldi mango Greek yoghurt pouch.


Toddler lunch ideas

Cheese spread on white bread, Aldi teddy faces, babybel,  Organix gingerbread men and grapes.

Mealtimes with toddlers can often be daunting, especially when their favourite food is seemingly now their most hated. This is why I try to change things up and provide different options throughout the week. I’m always looking for toddler lunch ideas on blogs and pinterest. What are your go to toddler lunchs?

Amy x

16 responses to “One Week Of Toddler Lunch Ideas”

  1. These lunches are so adorable! I think the cute containers and the way you have them presented is half of the fun for the toddlers to enjoy!

  2. Oh you make the lunches look so cute which is great because they say that you eat with your eyes! Lots of fantastic ideas for lunches too x

  3. kimberleyf1988 says:

    I always struggle for toddler lunch ideas. Great post

  4. Jo says:

    there are some lovely ideas here – especially love the way you shape the bread. My two are really picky at their food and at 5 and 8 you’d think they’d grow out of it!!

  5. Vicky says:

    Those plates are so cute. We’re currently at the plate throwing stage so might wait a bit before getting them!

  6. I love all of these ideas and yet I also know that my children would probably refuse to eat any of them! They are super fussy and if it’s not a sandwich (cut into triangles) they wont touch it. *Sigh* ….

  7. Lovely ideas and a great way to dish it up! My girls love sandwiches or crackers and cheese and they just rotate it round!

  8. mommamack15 says:

    Some great ideas here, I love the butterfly sandwiches, wonder if I can get away with taking them for my lunch too?

  9. lynseyward78 says:

    Love this post. I always struggle with lunch ideas for my toddler.

  10. Donna says:

    Great ideas to try! Dipping is always a winner with us x

  11. It’s a long time since I’ve had to make tiny little lunches like that but ti takes me back. It looks a if your little one is having some real fun meals. Mich x

  12. Thanks for this post. My boy is 20 months old and has become a horrendously fussy eater. I really need to get him eating more so I’ve got some great options here!

  13. Memeandharri says:

    These look fab!! I am always trying to think of new lunch ideas for my little ones!

  14. Katy says:

    I am 100% bookmarking this for ideas for Lils – what fun lunches!!!

  15. I love all the different shape sandwiches! I would never have thought to be so creative. Great ideas x

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