Second Trimester update – Symptoms And Scans

September 6, 2017

I have just turned 28 weeks pregnant and officially moved into the 3rd trimester. I wanted to do a little second trimester update to fill you all in on what’s been happening since my first trimester. We have had a gender scan, our 20 week scan and a 4D scan so there are lots to talk about.

The Second Trimester

How have I been feeling/ Symptoms

My second trimester has passed by alarmingly quickly. It feels like its gone much quicker than with Ava. With an energetic toddler to look after I don’t have much time to think about it, the weeks are just whizzing by ( I wont be saying that in a few weeks time will I?!) This pregnancy I have felt a lot better than I did with Ava, my second trimester with her was plagued with sickness and painful SPD. To be honest, It’s only the last couple of weeks since my bump has grown that I’ve started to get uncomfortable. My main symptoms have been heartburn (thank god for Rennies) and headaches. For some reason I suffer with neckache in pregnancy and by the end of the day it usually results in a headache,  4head Headache & Migraine Relief and microwaveable heat packs have been my saviours.

midwife appointments and scans

This trimester I have had 2 midwife appointments, all routine and everything was fine at both of them.

My consultant appointment went really well. He has booked me in for growth scans at 30 and 34 weeks, initially. I would like to give birth at a midwife led unit but because my BMI was borderline I have had to see a consultant. He is happy for me to got to the midwife unit as long as all is OK with my scans.

I have had 3 scans since I updated you last. We had a private gender scan at 16 weeks and found out we were having another little girl, I cried! Obviously I would have been happy either way but to have two little girls is just a dream come true.

Second trimester

We had our routine 20 week scan which went well except baby is a little monkey and very nearly made us have to go back to do the scan again, just like her big sister did!

For my birthday my husband bought me a 4D scan which was amazing, you can read all about it here.


Fruit is still a big craving. My new cravings for my second trimester are chocolate, cake and Ice, mainly Ice, I can’t get enough of the stuff. These cravings are exactly the same ones I had with Ava. I craved Ice with Jack too.

What’s next

I have a glucose tolerance test booked in on Thursday, this is the first pregnancy that I have had to have one. As you have to wait there for 2 hours I intend to take  which I’ve been attempting to read for weeks and enjoy the peace and quiet.

My next routine midwife appointment is booked for next week when I will be 29 weeks and then I have scans booked in at 30 and 34 weeks.

This past week I have really noticed my SPD making and appearance again, I’m so grateful it’s held off this long as I had it with Ava from about 10 weeks. I’m going to mention it to my midwife and see if she recommends getting booked in for physio or something. I was in agony with Ava and could barely walk. I’m really hoping it doesn’t get that bad again.

We have been decorating Ava’s room and getting it ready for another little person. The girls will be sharing once little one is old enough. We still need to make a start on buying baby bits, we kept everything of ava’s but there are a few new items we need to pick up and I need to decide if we are converting our ICandy into a double, buying a buggyboard or if I will be babywearing full-time. Mama’s of 2 little ones, what did you do? Ava will be 22 months old when baby arrives.

Bump shots

16 weeks 19 weeks

20 weeks

25 weeks

I have got lots of pregnancy and new baby related blog posts coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Amy x

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