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September 5, 2017

www.yorkshirelinen.comWhen we first bought our house, our bedroom was the first room to get decorated and I was so in love with it. Fast forward 5 years and its looking pretty shabby, the wallpaper had started peeling, the paint is not quite the colour it started off as, I’ve fallen out of love with our bed and the bed linen and curtains have bleach splatters all over them from where I went cleaning crazy at the end of my last pregnancy! A bedroom makeover is definitely needed.

Bedroom Makeover Plan

We have stripped the wallpaper and plan to paint the room white, my colour scheme will be white, grey, blush pink and possibly rose gold accents. I have been trawling pinterest and my favourite homeware shops for inspiration and I have compiled a little wishlist of furniture and furnishings I would love to get once the decorating side of things is complete.

Bedroom Makeover Wishlist

Next Paris Double Bed

I’m sooo desperate for a bed with a padded headboard, especially with the new baby on the way. Trying to get comfy feeding a newborn leaning against a metal bed is pretty impossible I found.

bedroom makeover wishlist

Canterbury Duvet Set – The Yorkshire Linen Company

I love the colour and pattern of this duvet set, especially the little hints of pink.

The Range Seersucker White Duvet Set

I know I might be being optimistic here with 3 kids but there’s just something so luxurious and hotel like about white bedding.

Hemnes Bedside Tables

technically there is nothing wrong with our bedside tables but they are quite bulky and I have a tendency to store unnecessary crap in them. My vision for the bedroom makeover is to have a more minimalist look, these would be perfect.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains In Silver – The Yorkshire Linen Company

Blackout curtains are a must for anyone with a baby or toddler especially when it comes to daytime naps, they block out light and reduce sound for the outside world meaning your little one will get a restful sleep. Blackout curtains have been a lifesaver for us over the summer months as they block out the sun keeping our room cooler. Not only are the great in the summer months, they also are great at keeping the heat in in the colder months, which is essential for us as we will have a newborn sleeping in our room from December! As well as being practical they are also a stylish way to finish a room and bring your colour scheme together. To get blackout curtains for your home, head to  Yorkshire Linen’s e-store

Dunelm Copper Desk Lamp

I love the look of these, they will add a nice accent colour to the room, and I love that they don’t take up much space.

Roxford Ombre Throw – The Yorkshire Linen Company

As the nights are starting to turn colder I love the idea of having a nice cosy throw on the bed, the colours of this Ombre throw from will fit perfectly with my colour scheme.


I want to keep accessories to a minimum really as I want to create a calm uncluttered space. I plan to put some black and white wedding photographs up above our bed and add in a plant of some fresh flowers.

I’m looking forward to it all being done and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Amy x

*This is a collaberative post with Yorkshire Linen. All opinions however are very much my own.

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