Our 4D Scan 26 Weeks Premier Scans Lichfield

August 23, 2017

In case you didn’t know, we are expecting baby number 3, we are having a little girl due 29th November. Today we went for a 4D scan at Premier Scans in Lichfield. I have never had one before as quite honestly the idea of them freaks me out a little. However as this is our last baby we decided to go for it. I’m so glad I got to experience one, they are so special not just because you get a glimpse of your gorgeous little baby but to be able to see them in 3D moving about on-screen is amazing.

A lot of this little ones features resemble Ava’s when she was born, it will be exciting to see just how much they look like each other when she arrives. In Ava’s scans and still to this day she sleeps with her hands near face, just like this baby, they are also just as wriggly as each other. Look out world if both their personalities are the same!

We decided to take Jack and Ava along to the scan. Jack in typical teenage fashion was not fussed by it at all but Ava was shouting baby at the screen then coming and poking my belly, so cute!

Baby is measuring a little on the small side but this does not concern me too much. Both Ava and Jack were under 7lb I generally just carry small babies. I do have a couple of growth scans booked in at the hospital so they will asses her size closer to the time.

The scan itself cost £99 for 30 mins scanning time, 2 physical pictures, a disc with all the pictures on and a DVD of the whole scan. It is quite a lot of money I know, however as a special little keepsake it was well worth. Plus this was an early 30th birthday present off my very lovely hubby.

Here’s a few pictures from our 4D scan

4D scan

How do you feel about 4d scans? Did you have one or do you wish you had?

Amy x

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  1. Goodness, these are amazing! And less freaky-looking than a normal scan . What a lovely keepsake.

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