Blogging 101 – How To Start Blogging On A Budget

August 15, 2017

I’m no blogging expert, infact I have only been blogging on and off since Ava was a couple of months old (You can read my first post here Ava’s Birth Story) When I started I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or just how much I would love it. As a stay at home mum life can be a little lonely but blogging has given me a platform to chat to others and a hobby to keep me sane in the early parenting years. For anyone interested in giving it a go, do it! There is a lot to learn if you decide you want to make a career out of it but to begin with getting started is super easy and cheaper than you may think.

What you really need to start blogging

Got a phone? Internet access? Well then, you are good to go. I did buy myself a laptop but a lot of the time I use my phone or iPad as it’s just easier than getting the laptop out.

A WordPress or blogger account – I have just gone self hosted but this is absolutely not necessary to begin with. I started off with a free WordPress account which I found really easy to use and is perfect for someone beginning their blogging journey.

Social Media – If you want to connect with others, sharing your posts on social media is the way to go. I find Instagram is my best platform at the minute for engaging with people.

What about photo’s?

A phone – No need for a fancy camera, your phone will do just fine.

Free photo editing app– My favourite is the Snapseed App, lighting in my house is pretty rubbish but this app helps me fake bright and airy photos.

How to start blogging


And fancy backgrounds?

Ever wondered why all bloggers seem to have the perfect white washed floorboards? It’s all lies! Well in my house it is, there isn’t a floor board in sight. There is however samples of white washed floorboard style wallpaper I got from B&Q.

How to start blogging


Household items make the perfect props. Flowers, candles, fairy lights or a nice cup of tea can really make a photo ‘pop’

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

Amy x

5 responses to “Blogging 101 – How To Start Blogging On A Budget”

  1. mommamack15 says:

    Really helpful tips thank you

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    What a great help. Blogging really doesn’t have to cost much at all.
    I have never heard of the Snapseed App…I’ll have to give it a try.

    • amymighalls says:

      Thanks. I love Snapseed, generally I just mess about with the exposure or fine tune the picture a bit but there are lots of editing options to try.

  3. ettieandme says:

    Really useful and great to see we all start somewhere. Im also thinking of going self hosted and love your layout Thanks Amy 🙂 x

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