Baby Update – Ava Is 18 Months Old

August 5, 2017

I can not believe I am the owner of one sassy independent 18 month old. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to be a proper toddler. I swear she gets more grown up and learns a new skill by the second. I have not done a baby update for ages, mainly because I don’t want anyone fretting that Ava is doing something that their child is not. As parents we worry far too much and put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our children if they aren’t doing what ‘Susan’s’ little angel is. However I feel like 18 months is a significant milestone and I want to remember Ava’s quirky little ways and questionable attempts at talking.

18 months of Ava

Ava is an absolute sponge at the minute, show her something once and she instantly copies it. That’s not always great though, she now wonders around trying to turn off plugs with her foot because she saw me do it, oops.

Talking, walking and lack of teeth

Her talking has really come on in the last couple of weeks, going from saying a few words to attempting mini sentences, I say attempting because anyone who doesn’t speak toddler wouldn’t have a bloody clue what she was on about. I know ultimately toddlers will start to communicate at their own speed but there is a couple of things I have been doing to encourage her which you can read in this post

She no longer tentatively toddles about the place, now she runs around at top speed with the grace of a bulldozer.

We are still eagerly awaiting more teeth, she has her 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom plus half of a molar at the top. I have a horrible feeling they will all come through at once!


Likes and dislikes

Her personality is really coming through now and she is honestly the funniest little girl ever, she is such a clown and she is always trying to make us laugh. She just loves being silly.

She is a bit of free spirit and loves nothing more than being able to do what she wants, annoying as hell for us at times and the cause of many a tantrum, from both me and her. As much as we clash over this trait its something I love about her and want to continue guiding her into becoming a confident strong-minded little lady.

There is a special place in her heart for In the night garden at the minute, particularly Macca Pacca who she calls Bacca, repeatedly, all day. She loves playing with her toys and you can see her imagination has really begun to develop.

Hair washing is her least favourite activity, met with cries of “noooo” and screams that sound like we are murdering her. God knows what the neighbours think we are doing to her every night.

Baby update

The next baby update

I cant wait to see what the next 6 months has in store her, I know she will continue to make us laugh each and every day. The next baby update will be an extra special one as Ava will be a big sister!

Amy x

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