10 Baby Girls Names We Love But Won’t Be Using

August 2, 2017

As most of you know we are expecting baby number 3 in November. Unless we win the lottery some time soon this will be our last baby, so we have a lot of baby girls names we love but won’t be using, That should actually say ‘I love’, Andy pretty much veto’s every name I suggest. Thankfully we have both agreed on a name, which we will reveal when she is born. Not because it’s a big secret, it’s purely because I change my mind so much!

The reasons behind us not choosing these names is purely our personal choice so please don’t take offence if the name you have chosen is listed here.

10 Baby Girls Names We Love But Won’t Be Using

1.) Daisy – We both love this name and it was first choice for this baby, however personally for me I feel like Daisy is such a summery name, and I wouldn’t feel quite right giving the name to a winter baby.

2.) Lola – One of my favourite girls names – which is exactly why I called my dog it!

3.) Ruby – We both like this name, I always wanted it, but I think I have liked it for so long that I’m not in love with it anymore. See what i mean about changing my mind!

4.) Evie – For us this just sounds a bit too similar to Ava. It’s a beautiful name though.

5.) Hollie – This is my first choice name for a winter baby but jacks dad called their baby Hollie earlier this year. As much as I love it, Jack can’t really have 2 sisters called Hollie.

6.) Belle – As a big Beauty And The Beast fan there’s no guessing who liked this name a lot more than the other.

7.) Mollie – Another name we can’t use because I used it on a pet first!

8.) Florence – I’ve been really loving this name recently but one of our friends little girl is called Florence. We see them quite often so it would be too confusing to have the same name.

9.) Ella – Even though it’s a beautiful name it’s just not right for us.

10.) Nancy – Another name that fell victim to the I love it, but he doesn’t. We have however compromised and if we get another pet then I can call them Nancy.

Even though we are pretty set on the baby name we have chosen I’m still open to suggestions so let me know your favourites.

Amy x

2 responses to “10 Baby Girls Names We Love But Won’t Be Using”

  1. Kim says:

    Ahh baby names, I remember how many issues we had with them! Hubby is a teacher so for pretty much every name I came up with he knew a misbehaving child of the same name! I look forward to learning your new baby’s name when she arrives!

  2. I had the same problem with both of mine – either my teacher-sister shot it down, or some celebrity footballer used it use before ours were born!

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