Currently loving July Favourites 2017 Home, Beauty, Clothing, TV and Baby

July 31, 2017

I’ve never done a favourites post but I love watching/reading other people’s so I thought I would join in this month and share what I am currently loving. I’ve tried to include a mixture of items including home, beauty and toddler buys.

Currently Loving – July favourites

 For The Home

Lenor inspired by nature – Shea Butter  

This stuff smells amazing! previously I had been using the pink one (silk tree blossom) since they were launched, but this month I decided to be a bit crazy and try a new scent, I know I know I’m living life on the edge here aren’t I?! Anyway as someone who is not a fan of change, I was pleasantly surprised, this is now my new favourite. It is available at most supermarkets and is usually on offer in at least one of them for £2. Disclaimer – I can’t promise upon using this that you wont bury your face in your clothes every now and again because it smells so damn good, OK maybe that’s just me, I blame pregnancy!


Aldi Lacura exfoliating mud mask

I picked this up after hearing it was a dupe for the GlamGlow youth mud, which I have never tried thanks to the out of my budget price tag, however I had heard very good things about. The Aldi one costs £6.99 and was one of the special buys last week so some stores may still have some left. I love how fresh this stuff smells and it makes your face tingle when it’s on, I like to feel like a facemask is actually doing something and my face is so soft after removing it. You don’t need much product to get an even layer either, making it great value for money.


Wilde like me – Louise Pentland

I wasn’t sure whether to include this as I haven’t actually had chance to read it yet. I am a big fan of Louise’s YouTube channel so I’m really looking forward to reading this. All the reviews for it are really good too. Now I just need to find a few hours to myself, wish me luck.


Love Island

I couldn’t do a July favourites without including Love Island. I had never seen it until this year and I’m ashamed to say I became completely addicted to it. Now its finished I genuinely don’t know what to do with life at 9pm, most days I’ve gone to bed!


For those that couldn’t give a crap about love island, we have also been watching Power on Netflix. The first 3 seasons are on there in a full and the fourth has a new episode aired every Monday. It’s such a good show, not one to watch with the kids around though, it’s a bit sweary and there’s a lot of sex. Aside from seeing somebody else’s bits more times than your own, it’s a really good show.


Next Ochre Floral Dress £12

Currently loving july favourites

I included this dress in my Toddler Girls Autumn Clothing Wishlist It’s such a beautiful dress and a great price too. I initially thought it would be a cotton dress but it’s actually a super soft jersey material. great for toddlers that are always on the move, plus you could probably get away with not ironing it – bonus!

Lace Back Top £20

Currently loving july favourites

Since having Ava buying clothes for myself never happens but after realising I needed to Feel like me again I decided to have a mooch around next and try a few things on. Clothes buying is not easy with a growing bump and I don’t really want to buy maternity clothes if I don’t have too. This top is slouchy and long enough to accommodate the bump and still be worn once little one is here. I love the lace back detail and that fact that it can be dressed up or down.

What Ava’s currently loving

This month we have started letting ava watch in the night garden after her bath and she absolutely loves it. Ava isn’t one to sit and watch a program, even Peppa only gets half watched so to see her really enjoying it is lovely. I picked up this In The Night Garden Value Playset in the Argos clearance for £12.99. It’s without doubt her favourite toy at the minute and she carries the little figures round with her all day. I would have preferred the play-mat to have been made out of something other than cardboard as I cant see it lasting too long with a toddler running over it but for the price I cant argue at the quality of everything else.

What are you currently loving?


8 responses to “Currently loving July Favourites 2017 Home, Beauty, Clothing, TV and Baby”

  1. I fancy reading the Louise Pentland book too as I’ve read a number of good reviews. I’ve never seen her channel though and I must be in the minority! Mich x

  2. I have been glued to Love island for the last seven weeks! I’m so gutted it’s over! That mud mask looks great too, I’ve never seen that brand before. Must check out that book too!

  3. larabeeuk says:

    Oh I love a favourite LarabeeUK post too! I must admit, you had me at ‘lenor shea butter’! I love shea butter so will definitely be trying that. I also keep seeing the adverts for Power, which looks really good so might give that a watch too. Great post! Xx

  4. I think I’m the only person in the UK not to have watched Love Island! Must give it a go if it’s back next year. It’s sad I know, but I love switching up my fabric conditioner – I tend to get stuck in a rut so when I change it I suddenly notice the lovely smell all over again!

  5. lynseyward78 says:

    That little girls next dress is adorable. The book looks like it might be good. I’m always on the look out for new books.

  6. We have that gorgeous dress for my youngest daughter, I love it and can’t wait for her to wear it. I’m in mourning over the end of Love Island, we were addicted to it!

  7. I’m a big fan of mud masks (completely agree with you about feeling a face mask work) and completely agree that the Glam Glow one is a little pricey! Will keep an eye out for the Aldi dupe one, thanks!

  8. What a great idea for a round up. I love that orche dress so pretty and not pink! I have a confession – I have never watched Love Island although I have heard a lot about it. It sounds like its the sort of programme that you get addicted to!

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