Me Time – 5 Ways To Feel Like You Again After Having Children

July 28, 2017

Once you become a mother it’s so easy to forget about yourself and not have regular me time. Your whole world now revolves around this little person and even the most determined among us can still lose a bit of ourselves along the way. Recently I haven’t been feeling myself, with looking after an energetic toddler and growing another tiny human, looking after myself has well and truly been put on the back burner and it’s starting to affect my mood. I find how I look and feel about myself generally contributes to how much motivation I have. Currently my levels are at a big fat zero and even getting dressed every day is becoming a struggle. I love to take Ava out and about and do fun activities with her but that is just not happening because quite honestly I can’t be arsed. I feel awful admitting that and so guilty that she’s not getting the stimulation she needs.

Something needs to change, I need some me time. I know I’m limited on what I can do currently due to pregnancy but there’s nothing stopping me taking better care of myself and giving myself a big kick up the backside to get out of this rut I’ve fallen in. Here’s what I intend to do to start feeling like me again.

5 ways to feel like you again and have some ‘me time’

1.) Book a trip to the hairdressers. I can’t even tell you the last time I dyed my hair or had it cut. It’s looking so straggly and dull at the minute, not to mention about 3 different colours. I know if my hair looks nice I instantly feel better and more motivated to leave the house.

2.) Have a regular pamper night complete with a lush bath bomb, face mask, moisturising and nail painting. Followed by a nice cup of tea and a read of a book or magazine, yep that makes me sound like a 90 year old but having kids will do that too you! Sitting in silence has never felt so good.

3.) Make time for relationships. It’s so easy after a long day of looking the kids to collapse in front of the TV and start scrolling away on our phones and forget to make time for anyone else. Try scheduling a monthly date night or catch up with friends. Date nights don’t even have to be outside the house, a nice meal and snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie is all you need, plus a no phones ban!

4.) Go shopping. When was the last time you bought anything for yourself? I certainly can’t remember. I feel like I wear the same few outfits over and over again, not because I love them, purely because they are the only things that fit. I’m in serious need of a wardrobe refresh.

5.) Drink more water and eat better. I bet all of us could up our water intake and eat a more balanced diet rather than grabbing a drink only when we realise we are dying of thirst and eating kids leftovers as opposed to proper meals. When I first had Ava I lived on yoghurt and breakfast bars, not ideal when you need the energy to survive the day with small children.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first”

I have booked in to get my hair done, ordered some new bath bombs, set aside an evening for regular me time and planned out a shopping day and date night. I know all of these steps will help me start feeling a bit more like Amy rather than just Mummy, I just need to remember how important it is some take time for your self and not let old habits creep in. I’m putting my positive pants firmly on! (if I had any that were remotely positive looking that is, best add those to the shopping list)

What do you do to start feeling like yourself again?

Amy x

8 responses to “Me Time – 5 Ways To Feel Like You Again After Having Children”

  1. Leslie Rickerby says:

    Oh I so need a haircut! It’s been about a year and a half since I had one. Could do with a pamper night too actually haha

  2. Muuka says:

    ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ is one of my favourite sayings. Hope you’re feeling more like you soon. The tiredness from a smal child is unreal.

  3. Great ideas lovely! It really is important to focus on yourself after having kids. It’s really easy for moms to loose their personal identity – I did that myself as I was so focused on the kids. Heading off shopping or doing anything out of the house alone is a nice way of getting back to yourself 🙂 x

  4. Such a great post. I struggle with finding me time as my 13 month old is up a lot in the night. Some evenings she’s even up multiple times before I give in and go to bed. We used to love watching films.

  5. I definitely need to get my hair done again – I am starting to feel like a wreck!! I also need to make time for a pamper evening for sure! Great tips!

  6. Some great advice. This is one area that I really need to get better at. When I do have me time I feel so much better for it and it definitely makes me a better mum too x

  7. The not being able to pour from an empty cup is one of my favourite sayings – I completely agree, for me it’s all about the solo shopping trips with a Starbucks in hand and a cheeky blow-dry; like you said, these small things help us to cling on to the non mummy us… enjoy!

  8. This is so true, we all need to set time aside. I am also totally rubbish although I did manage to get my hair done the other week but thats only because it was going so grey! I think I will be planning a shopping trip too soon! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you are feeling more like Amy x

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