5 Tips To Get Through The Sassy One Year Old Stage

July 21, 2017

Everyone always talks about and prepares you for the terrible twos and threenagers but why did no one tell me what a head f*ck a one year old is! I mean seriously, where has all this sass and emotional instability come from?

5 tips to get through the sassy one year old stage

Ava has always been what you would call a ‘free spirit’ she’s knows exactly what she wants and I love her for it. I wrote about how everything suddenly changed with her behaviour here, since that post I’ve been trying different ways to cope and help her in this crazy frustrated phase she’s going through. It’s not a phase either of us are enjoying so I’m doing my best let her have some independence and but also be there comfort her when things don’t go her way.

I wanted to share what’s been working for us in case it helps anyone else dealing with a sassy one year old.

5 tips to get through the sassy one year old stage

  • Make her feel important – Basically I’ve turned Ava into my little helper and she’s loving having ‘jobs’ to do. Such as helping with the laundry, tidying up and getting her things ready for a nappy change. Tasks that were faced with tantrums from her now go a lot smoother if she’s involved.


5 ways to cope with a sassy one year old


  • Give her freedom – If there’s one thing Ava hates it’s being told where to go. We have been taking her to places where she can just run free. Parks and big open spaces are great for her to safely run around without out us holding on to her.

5 tips to cope with sassy one year olds


  • Give her independence – This is our biggest tantrum starter, Ava is at a stage where she wants to do everything herself so we are letting her, even if we know she’s unable too, we always give her the chance. Yoghurt eating is certainly interesting now!

5 tips on coping with a one year old


  • Offer lots of praise and cuddles – Children are a bit like dogs (sorry!) they love praise and encouragement. I try to not react to bad behaviour unless dangerous and concentrate on making a big deal out of her doing as shes told. I’ve found giving Ava a cuddle when she has a tantrum often stops it in its tracks.

5 ways to cope with sassy one year olds

  • Encourage communication skills – We look at flash cards everyday and read lots of books. We constantly wonder around having a chat and pointing out everyday items and we encourage her to show us or try to tell us what she wants instead of instantly getting her something. These are just some of the things we have found to be helping Ava develop her speech. Ultimately though children develop at their own pace and will start communicating when they are ready.

5 tips to cope with sassy one year olds

I can’t find the flash cards I have online anymore (marks and spencer) but Amazon have loads of different ones available.


Hitting herself and others

If you read my post a few weeks back you will know that Ava had started hitting herself in frustration. I tried many things to stop this including completely ignoring but I found the thing that worked the most for her was to hold her hands to stop her from hitting herself and calmly say ‘I don’t want you to hurt yourself’ or if shes hitting me I do the same but say ‘we do not hit people’. She hasn’t stopped completely but the hitting has definitely become less frequent and by working on everything above she is becoming much less frustrated with life!

And if all else fails, buy wine. For you that is, not the baby!

If you have any tips that have worked for you please share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading

Amy x

14 responses to “5 Tips To Get Through The Sassy One Year Old Stage”

  1. Ah if only I had read this when mine were this age – really helpful & practical tips!

  2. The one year old stage is pretty tough isn’t it, they are learning and changing all the time. Such good advise for anyone just going through this stage xx

  3. My children are grown and grandchildren are a possibility over the next few years. I’m so out of touch, so these tips are a help, thanks x

  4. Donna says:

    I have a sassy one year old – he’s so determined! I’ve also found admiring his traits and trying to understand him helpful. Bring on the terrible twos!

  5. Lauren says:

    I would add to have a sense of humour and to keep appropriate expectations. Sometimes you can just laugh it off!

  6. Kim says:

    Communication is key! It can be such a huge frustration for young children. We learnt baby signing and it helped a lot.
    It’s also great when they want to help; my 2yo loves putting tea bags in our mugs to help make cups of tea!
    This is a great list for parents of any all young children not just 1yo.

  7. This Mama Can says:

    This is really helpful! We’re only at 3 months atm, but mine is already Mr independent so I feel he may develop this ‘sass’ soon! X

  8. Great tips, they’re really exploring their independence at this age and want to do so much more x

  9. Lisa says:

    I feel your pain. My daughter was fiercely independent. If she didn’t get her way she had a total meltdown. We gave her freedom when it was safe for her to be able to. Feeding herself was something she hated help with – many a dinner ended up on the floor!

  10. rabbitideas says:

    I definitely use the running free trick- they love the space and freedom!

  11. aneeqlondon says:

    I remember this stage. Luckily it’s a distant memory now. If it makes you feel better it doesn’t last long. Great post!

  12. Parenting can be hard work can’t it? I think a lot of it when they’re one is frustration around communication. These are so really great tips though.

  13. Loving each and everyone of your points – my daughter is six today and I fondly look back on her being one now (but completely admit that at the time, I remember being absolutely floored as to how to deal with all her sass!

  14. We have those flashcards! I found this age difficult with Monkey too as he struggled to communicate and got frustrated. I think Kipper is a little bit more mellow and doesn’t seem that fussed about learning to communicate. We have the same problem at meal times though!

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