Easy Baby Sensory At Home

July 6, 2017

If like me, there are no baby sensory classes where you live or you are unable to get to one, then recreating sensory play at home is actually really easy and affordable with just a few household items. I bought most things from Amazon or Ebay but of course you can shop around and pick up any bits that look interesting, we recently picked up some large shells from our holiday for Ava to play with. Obviously supervision is always required as most items are not intended for babies. Here’s what we used for sensory play:

  • Foil safety blanket
  • Cheerleader pom poms
  • Fibre optic lamp or disco ball lamp
  • Coloured scarves
  • Light-up spiky rubber balls
  • Touchy feely books
  • Play mirror ( ours was from mama’s and papa’s)
  • Lamaze activity toys or similar (Captain Calamari is a firm fave in our house)


Basically anything textured or that lights up is great for sensory play. As Ava has got older I’ve introduced noisy toys and messy play, I will do a separate post on that soon.

Let me know if you used anything different, I’m having a new baby later this year so I get to do it all again, I’d love any new ideas.

Thanks for reading

Amy x


6 responses to “Easy Baby Sensory At Home”

  1. unfilteredmama says:

    Great suggestions! Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. amymighalls says:

    Thank you! x

  3. A Norfolk Mummy says:

    Great ideas thank you!

  4. aneeqlondon says:

    Love the ideas! Gorgeous daughter 🙂 I wish my daughter was this young again!

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