My child has lost the plot

June 20, 2017

Ava is at a funny old stage in her development, she keeps trying to do things that physically and mentally she can’t, and she is pissed, boy is she pissed! The poor girl hasn’t a clue how to deal with her emotions and frustration, so she hits herself.

Yep you read that right, she full on stands there whacking herself in the head repeatedly and clawing her face like something possessed and If I’ve dared to tell her No I’m next in line for a beating. Some days it’s completely relentless and pretty much everything seems to annoy her.


Its kinda amusing to watch because she looks so bloody ridiculous, not so funny when we are out in public though, I want the ground to swallow me up at that point, no one wants to be the parent of the feral child do they.


If anyone has any tips (exorcism maybe) I’d love to know, currently I’m telling her No when she hits me and ignoring her, not sure what else I can do as she doesn’t seem to get the message.

If you are going through this too then I’m sorry I don’t have any helpful tips, just know you are not alone, I’m sure there are plenty of parents getting whacked on the head daily, here’s hoping it’s just a phase and our little angels return soon!


Thanks for reading

Amy and Ava aka Miss sassy pants xx

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