June 10, 2017

I love Instagram, I’ts by far my favourite social media platform. I’ve met some genuinely lovely people on there (or so I thought) I love seeing snippets of people’s lives and connecting with so many other moms. It has introduced me to a world mummy bloggers and you-tubers that I didn’t know existed and gave me the confidence to set up my own blog and YouTube channel.

Now I’m not stupid, I know Instagram is not real life and we only see what people want us to see, I myself try to be as real as I can be, but even so, you are probably never going to see my make-up free face (scary stuff) and there are certain parts of my house I would never post photos of (nobody wants to see a mouldy bathroom, it’s a work in progress!) but I’d like to think the person I portray on here is the person you’d get in real life, although I’m a lot more awkward and shy in reality and definitely more sweary.

My profile is public, I blog and vlog parts of our lives as a hobby currently but obviously at some point I am going to think about how I can earn money from it, it’s essentially a little side job for me to earn some pocket-money, I’m not fame hungry, I’m not going to buy fans or sell myself out for the sake of, I’m not hooked on the number of followers i have, obviously to grow my blog, followers are important, but finding like-minded people who I can connect with and are genuinely interested in what I post in those little squares is much more important than a number.

Recently I have been shocked to see the extent at which some people will go to be liked and to get followers, how does the idea of being Insta-famous cloud your judgement so much. A truly horrific case has been bought to light and it really makes you re asses how healthy social media is for our mental health, for our children’s mental health, if people feel the need to be so adored by complete strangers that they are willing to live a lie, what affect is the number game really having on us? what example are we setting to our children?

It’s definitely reiterated the fact that Instagram can be an absolute sham and that for every genuine person on there, there’s a billy bullshit posting crap too, unfortunately it’s getting increasingly hard to tell who’s who!

You just never  know whats really going on behind those squares do you…

Thanks for reading, and to all the genuine people out there, I bloody love you

Amy xx



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  1. Kim says:

    Instagram is a funny thing. I began my blog to help show people what real parenting is like, which as most parents will know, very rarely involves situations where your home is in pristine instagram-worthy shape.
    However, almost every ‘how to gain more instagram followers’ article advocates minimal, clutter-free images. Maybe this means that instagram isn’t the social media platform to promote my blog, I’m not sure, but like your post does give food for thought.

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