Family days out in Staffordshire – Trentham Gardens

We have had an absolutely lovely day out at Trentham Gardens today, it’s only the second time we have visited the gardens, which is crazy seeing as it’s only about a 40 minute drive from us. The last time we went was last year when Ava was pretty teeny so I was really excited to take her again now she’s toddling about and it’s safe to say she’s had the absolute best time.

Theres lots to see and do for little ones and big ones, you can get lost in the flower gardens, stroll around the lake, hunt for fairies, go on a mini train ride, take a boat to the other side of the lake, brave the barefoot walk and kiddies can play to their hearts content on the brilliant playground complete with not one but three sandpits! We live quite a way from the seaside so it’s nice for Ava to get a chance to play in the sand.

We took a picnic for lunch however the barbecue at the restaurant in the gardens was awfully tempting, it smelt amazing!

Before you get into the gardens there is a shopping village full of quaint little shops and eateries, a look in the bear shop is a must, although we always end up coming out with a new one! We ate at Joes kitchen later on in the day and the food was lovely and service was excellent.

The gardens are situated next to Trentham Monkey Forest which is a brilliant day out in itself and you can get a joint ticket to enter the Monkey Forest and the gardens. We are planning on taking Ava to see the monkeys in the next few weeks so look out for that blog post.

We love getting out and about as a family and Trentham Gardens is the perfect place for curious little minds to run wild. I made a little video of our day which you can watch here


“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

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Love Amy xx


We have been keeping a secret!

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever to finally tell you all our news! The fact that I haven’t has definitely contributed to my lack of blogging/vlogging over the last few months, I’ve had so much to say but I’ve not been able to so I’ve kinda said nothing at all, sorry! We found out we were expecting our third baby when I was 4 weeks pregnant so it’s been a long 8 weeks waiting for my 12 week scan. We are due on the 29th on November!


The other reason I’ve been so quiet is that this tiny little baba inside me has been well and truly kicking my ass! From week 6 I’ve felt sick every second of every day and mentally it’s been really hard, I felt just as rubbish when I was carrying Ava but at least I could relax a lot more and go to bed when I needed, this time round I have a very energetic toddler to look after and I am exhausted. This has been a lot harder than I ever expected and the mom guilt I’m feeling right now is off the scale. I know Ava won’t remember any of this but I can’t help feel guilty for everyday we have spent in or everyday I’ve been too sick to play with her properly, it breaks my heart.

Other than the nausea, bloating and tiredness I haven’t really had any other symptoms or any noticeable cravings other than fruit, but I crave fruit if I’ve had days of eating rubbish anyway.

As well as our 12 weeks scan we also had a private scan at 8 weeks, purely because we had one with Ava and I find private scans are so much nicer and personable, we got lots of photos and saw little one moving about and saw and heard their little heart beating, we also had a thermal image done which is just bizarre to see.


My second trimester with Ava bought along SPD so I’m just waiting for that to kick in (and praying it doesn’t). I would really like to enjoy this pregnancy as I didn’t at all with Ava, but we shall just have to wait and see! Fingers crossed!

I’ve made a little video for my YouTube channel (channel name Mama Mighalls) which you can watch down below, its just a collection of photos documenting our lives together so far, it’s been  lovely to make and look back on.

Let me know if there are any pregnancy related blog posts or videos you would like too see. I plan to document as much as this pregnancy as I can as I’m pretty sure this will be our last baby. We are also planning on having a private gender scan at 16 weeks so look out for that! What are your predictions? I have no idea at the minute but I think I’m leaning more towards boy.


Love Amy and bump! X


#TearsIntoSmiles Dealing with outdoor tumbles

Its sooo nice to see the sun making an appearance especially as Ava is getting more confident by the day with her walking, although she’s certainly had her fair share of tumbles! I love getting outdoors with her and letting her explore, I’ve always got some Elastoplast plasters in my bag just in case though! IMG_0898OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Getting a scraped elbow or a grazed knee is pretty unavoidable the way little ones run about but I thought I’d share my top tips on how to make them feel better if the inevitable happens

  • Laughter – Laughter is my go to, it’s how my dad dealt with my mishaps. He would always ask if I had damaged the floor! It always took my mind off the cut. With Ava I will always try to distract her with a favourite toy or by pulling a silly face.


  • Cuddles and Kisses – A hug always makes your little one feel safe, and a magical kiss to make it better always works.


  • Elastoplast character plasters – I wish these character plasters were around when I was little! I’m pretty sure every little one will soon turn those tears into smiles once they see the Frozen or Star Wars plasters, and I know a certain adult in our house is loving the Star Wars ones!


Elastoplast have been giving a helping hand when it comes to falls and cuts since 1924, so I know it’s a brand I can rely on when it comes to looking after my family.

Elastoplast have created a really cute video where they literally turn tears into smiles by creating little water-colour paintings using tears. What an amazing thing to do.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have lots of outdoor adventures whatever the weather!

Amy x

*This post is an entry for the BritMums #tearsintosmiles challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.