Living Room Toy Storage

April 29, 2017

So I thought I had the toy situation under control and everything was nicely hidden away when not being played with, then Christmas and a first birthday hit and my lounge was starting to resemble Toys’R’us  again, not really the look I was going for!

My main issue was the larger toys like her ride-on’s, pushchair etc that were simply too big to hide under the table along with the rest of her toys. I’m not anti toys in my lounge, in fact the majority of them live down here, I just like to be able to quickly tidy them up out of the way when we are off out and after Ava has gone to bed. I like my lounge to be mine after a certain point in the day as I’m sure a lot of us do.

I have a couple of Ikea kallax cube units around the house and love how they look and how easy they make tidying up, simply chuck it in the storage box, pop back in the unit and you’re done. I decided to look into getting something similar to replace a small table up the side of the sofa which is rarely used, meaning the toys could go in the boxes and the bigger ones could sit in front whilst still being hidden by the sofa.

I opted for a 6 cube storage solution from Argos in the end (purely because my nearest Ikea is pretty far away) It’s less chunky and slightly smaller than the Ikea range but it fits perfectly within the space I have. The cube itself was £35.99 and the boxes I bought to go with it were half price when bought together so they cost me £6.49.

I love how it looks and how versatile it is, the boxes can be changed if I fancy a different colour scheme and the boxes will continue to hold Ava’s toys for many years to come, although, I’m guessing I’m going to need extra boxes to fill those shelves with her every growing amount of plastic tat!

The unit was easy to put together, I managed to build it on my own whilst Ava napped, bit of advice though, read the instructions carefully! I ended up using the wrong dowels and had to hunt down some pliers to prize them back out! Ava enjoyed playing with the storage boxes before we filled them.

How do you keep on top of the ever growing pile of toys? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading (sorry for being AWOL just lately)

Love Amy xx

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