We survived the first year of parenthood

March 15, 2017

So we did it, we survived the first year of having a new baby, and neither us have been carted off to the nutty farm, although Andy does tell me I need sending there at least once a week, cheeky sod.

The first year of Ava’s life has been a whirlwind, no seriously, when people say it goes so fast they are not exaggerating, it’s literally sped by and those newborn days are nothing but a distant foggy memory. There have been good days, bad days and some down right awful days and lots of tears, mainly mine.

My advice to anyone about to embark of the first year? erm good f*cking luck you are in for one hell of a bumpy ride, but the days of endless feeding soon pass, the nappy changes get fewer, and those sleepless nights get better, although I’m not sure you will every truly have your shit together, as one phase passes another one comes and bulldozes you back on your arse again, but as with all the other phases, you learn, you adapt and you just deal with it. It definitely gets easier and much more enjoyable so hang on in there, the days may be long but the years are short so make the most of them.

We are now embarking on the next stage, toddlerhood. Toddlerhood with a very strong-willed little lady, send help or wine! Already there have been tantrums, tears and bloodshed (again,mainly from me) Ava likes to do what she wants, when she wants, usually that involves trying to climb and dive off things head first. We are only one month in so far and everything has changed, nap times, meal times, attitude, are all different from before and as much as she drives me up the wall, she never fails to make me laugh everyday or amaze us at each new skill she learns, it’s crazy how much they suddenly start doing isn’t it?

The past year as a family of four has undoubtedly been challenging but it’s been the best year ever and I can’t wait to see what this year holds.

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Love Amy x


5 responses to “We survived the first year of parenthood”

  1. Katie Rose says:

    I LOVE how frank and hilariously honest you are! You have a bloody beautiful baby girl. 🙂 x x

  2. mummyandliss says:

    I love it! Such an honest mum, & Ava sure is growing up fast! Love your blog posts & your vlog x

  3. Such a beautiful little girl! Love how straight to the point you are! I’m 6 months into my journey with my first born! Wish me luck!

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